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Vaccinated tourists can arrive in Israel from November 1

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JERUSALEM: Israel grants entry to vaccinated tourists from next Monday The move comes after a third dose of Kovid wax was given to 39 lakh people across the country.

The government has made it clear that travelers from any country with a document proving that they have been vaccinated six months ago can enter Israel. Those who have not been vaccinated will need to be tested before and after the trip.

The number of patients in Israel every day has reached less than a thousand. This is where more than 10,000 people were diagnosed with the disease every day in early September. Kovid confirmed 433 cases on Wednesday. 10 people died of the disease.

Lockdowns in three cities in China

Beijing: A lockdown has been imposed in the Chinese city of Heilongjiang province to prevent the spread of Kovid. 16 lakh people were tested. Bus and taxi services have been suspended. Forbidden to leave the city. There are about 60 lakh people in Heihe.

It is the third city in the country to impose restrictions following the new Kovid wave. The lockdown took place this week in the cities of Lanshaw and Egin.

On Thursday, 23 people were confirmed infected in China. Tight restrictions are aimed at bringing the number of patients to zero ahead of the Winter Olympics, which begin in Beijing next February.


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