“Vaccination” formula against Omicron Pfizer-Biontech Three clinical trials have begun.

stick “vaccine” resistance formula Oh Micron (Omicron) COVID-19 mutate new strain of covid of the most concern during this period. Omicron ATK test kit that can detect Omicron In Thailand, which brands are sold, what brands are being sought after by netizens? Ministry of Health confirm The ATK test kit in use can detect all species. but could not identify the species And the Department of Medical Sciences’ method of detecting species can be detected even with additional mutations. then will buy ATK where and price Covid-19 test kit (ATK) in the project “Quality ATK for Thai Society” Price 35 baht, available at drugstores.Pharmaceutical OrganizationAll 8 branches and on the website : Read more…click here

latest BioNTech German biotechnology company and Pfizer US company Disclosure of the commencement of clinical trials of “vaccine” Prevent new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) antiviral formula mutant Omicron species (Omicron species) in healthy adults aged 18 – 55 years

The joint statement said the clinical trial At a maximum of 1,420 participants, the safety, resistance and immune response of this unique formulation of the COVID-19 vaccine will be assessed.

“This study is part of a science-based approach to the development of strain-specific vaccines. This can protect against omicron strains (Omicrons) at a similar level to previous strains, but with a longer protection range.” CEO and Co-Founder of Biotech Ugur Sahin

Approximately 600 participants in the first experimental group were recipients. “vaccine” preventCOVID-19 of Pfizer-Biotech The first two doses were 90 to 180 days prior to the trial and were given either one or two doses of the new vaccine. He has been vaccinated with three doses. and will receive a Pfizer-Biontech vaccine or new formula vaccine, 1 dose is the 4th dose

For the participant in the third group of people who have not been vaccinated.COVID-19 About 200 people who have never been diagnosed with COVID-19 will receive three doses of the new vaccine.

“Virtual surveillance This leads us to search for new ways to maintain a high level of protection for the people. And we believe that the development and research of a strain-specific vaccine like this one is essential to achieving this goal.” said Pfizer senior vice president Kathryn Jansen.

(Xinhua file photo: Medical personnel prepare vaccine against COVID-19) in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 8 Jan 2022).

Vaccines, COVID-19, Omicron, Omicron, COVID-19 Mutant, New COVID-19, Pfizer, Biotech

(Xinhua File Photo: People line up to get vaccinated against COVID-19) of Pfizer-Biotech in New York City, USA on Aug. 23, 2021)

Vaccines, COVID-19, Omicron, Omicron, COVID-19 Mutant, New COVID-19, Pfizer, Biotech

(Xinhua file photo: Covid-19 vaccine MRNA type at the 4th China International Import Expo in Shanghai, east China, on Nov. 7, 2021).



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