Vaccine challenge: Electricity workers to repay Rs 12 crore in salaries

Kochi: With the central government making the Kovid vaccine free, the power workers are preparing to demand the return of Rs 12.5 crore they received as salary for the vaccine challenge. Employees’ organizations will write to the top officials of the Electricity Board in this regard. Indications are that all the organizations except the Left are united in this. The one-day salary of the employees was seized in the name of the vaccine challenge. Only the Electricity Board withheld the salaries of employees for the vaccine challenge.

Out of the Board’s 34,000 employees, CMRVC (Chief Minister’s Relief Vaccine Challenge). The Electricity Board has not reimbursed the amount even though the government has started reimbursing the employees’ salaries withheld in Kovid’s name. The general opinion of the organizations is that with the free vaccination across the country, there is no point in paying for the vaccine challenge.

The Kerala Electricity Employees Confederation (INTUC) on Tuesday submitted a letter to the board chairman demanding a refund. The amount seized from the employees has not yet been handed over to the government. Confederation Working President Adv. Sibikutty Francis said.



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