‘Vaccine refusal’ Djokovic misses Australian Open… A red light for writing a new record

“Djokovic is one of the greatest champions in tennis history and his absence from the Australian Open is a loss to the tournament.”

The World Men’s Professional Tennis Association (ATP) released an official statement on the 16th after Novak Djokovic (35, Serbia), who is ranked No. After Djokovic’s failure to participate in the Australian Open, the aftermath continues.

“Ultimately, the decision of the legal authorities on public health issues must be respected,” the ATP said on its website, but added that “Djokovic’s decision to cancel his visa to Australia marks the end of a very regrettable series of events. “We need more time to better understand the facts and learn lessons from this situation.” Although we respect the decision of the Australian authorities, Djokovic’s absence is an indirect expression that damages the tennis world as a whole.

The president of Djokovic’s native Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, also criticized Australia. President Vucic said on the 17th that “Australia’s actions are a ‘political witch hunt’.

With Djokovic’s absence from the Australian Open, the record for most wins in a major event also turned on. Djokovic currently holds the record for most major championship wins, 20 times, along with Rafael Nadal (6th, Spain) and Roger Federer (16th, Switzerland). Djokovic won three majors last year, and many predicted that he would set a new record for the most wins this year. In particular, if Djokovic, who has won the Australian Open 9 times, including winning the title for the last three years in a row, participated in this tournament, the chances of winning were high. However, it is highly likely that Djokovic will not be allowed to enter Australia for three years as well as this tournament, so there is a possibility that Djokovic, who is in his late 30s, will not be able to see him again at the Australian Open stage.

It’s not just the Australian Open. First of all, it is unclear whether he will participate in the French Open in May. This is because Europe has allowed relatively free movement of unvaccinated people, but France recently implemented a tougher strategy to expand vaccination and strengthened the vaccine pass. The US, where the U.S. Open is held, also currently mandates vaccination for foreigners entering the country, so Djokovic’s schedule for this year’s tournament itself could be disrupted.

The record that Djokovic failed to set is most likely to be written by Nadal. This is because Nadal has only won the Australian Open once, but has won the French Open 13 times because he is a ‘dirt shoe’ who has shown a strong side on the clay court. In addition, if Dani Medvedev (2nd place, Russia) or Alexander Zverev (3rd place, Germany) win the Australian Open, the current world No. 1 position held by Djokovic is expected to change, and the world No.

By Kim Jeong-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]



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