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Vaccines against COVID-19 also play a role as a virus carrier… “Vaccination is important”

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A study has found that people who have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) can also transmit the coronavirus (SARA-CoV-2) to family members as a viral vector.

In response, experts said that even those who were not vaccinated need to be vaccinated and those who have been vaccinated need to get a booster shot.

A research team from Imperial College London, UK, published the results of a long-term study conducted on 621 British adults for one year from September 2020 to September 2021 in the international scientific journal ‘The Lancet’ on the 28th (local time). ‘ announced in

As a result of the study, 163 out of 621 people tested positive for COVID-19, and 71 of them were confirmed to be infected with the delta mutation. Among those infected with the delta mutation, 54% were vaccinated, 14% were vaccinated, and 32% were not vaccinated.

The research team again checked the inoculation of 205 household contacts of these infected people and analyzed the virus positive results.

As a result of the analysis, 62% of those in contact at home were vaccinated, 19% of those who were vaccinated once, and 19% of those who were not vaccinated. Among them, there was a 25% chance that someone in the household who had been vaccinated would test positive for COVID-19. For those who had not been vaccinated, the probability increased by 13 percentage points to 38%.

Those infected with the delta mutation had a relatively low risk of severe progression and recovered faster. However, the maximum viral load measured in the nose and throat was the same with and without vaccination.

The research team said the study provides important clues to why the spread of delta mutations is not slowing down even in countries with high vaccination rates.

He emphasized that although the vaccine cannot completely block the delta mutation infection, it prevents severe progression and recovers quickly.

The research team said, “The delta mutant virus can spread even among those who have been vaccinated.” “Just because there are people who have been vaccinated does not mean that there is no risk of infection. “He said.

He also said, “Just because you have completed vaccination does not mean that you do not need quarantine rules completely. It is still important to follow basic quarantine rules such as wearing a mask,” he said.

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