Vadakancherry accident: Tourist bus overspeeding, leaving school late

Thrissur | The tourist bus that had an accident on the Vadakancherry National Highway at midnight was traveling at excessive speed. The out of control tourist bus rammed into the back of the KSRTC bus. The accident happened while trying to overtake another vehicle. Locals said the tourist bus overturned after being hit. Later, the tourist bus fell 300 meters away in the swamp near the road.

The tourist bus was running at a speed of 97.2 km per hour. The driver who took the Velankanni tour left for Ooty with the school students. Teachers and students say the driver was tired as he had traveled for several days to Velankanni.

The bus arrived at school two hours later than expected. So the departure was postponed. The teachers say the driver was sweating profusely when he arrived at the school. When the teachers pointed out that it is possible to drive the bus for long distances, the driver said that there is no problem and that he has a long experience. Students and teachers said the bus was speeding while it was running.

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