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A survey by the Ministry of Public Health in the past year 2020 found that among young people aged 15-19, the rate of condom use has fallen by around 45%, leading to an increase in the trend of important sexually transmitted diseases since 2015 , increased 5 times, the highest was 69.7% increased pus infection, syphilis increased significantly In adolescence, it is called 124 people per hundred thousand people, or 14 people per day, when reporting data on a rate births of young people in 2017. Thai adolescents aged 15-19 were found to be pregnant and give birth to 82,019 people, representing 12 percent.

Before Valentine 2023! Know 6 sexually transmitted diseases that can be prevented!

Valentine Sex Safe prevents premature pregnancy sexually transmitted disease

Of all the births that exceed 600,000 people a year, and the worrying thing is that this group of women have a repeat birth, almost 11 percent or more than 9,000 people, the most of them more than 50 percent are students.

While in 2021 it is expected that there will be around 6,500 new HIV infections per year, an average of 18 per day, 9,300 AIDS-related deaths per year (an average of 26 per day) and AIDS Around 520,000 HIV survivors, with 97 % of infections new due to unprotected sex and which aims to end the AIDS problem by 2030, with the aim of reducing the number of new infections Not more than 1,000 deaths per year, reducing AIDS deaths by not more than 4,000 the year

To what extent can condoms reduce infection rates? ?

  • help contraception Condoms are 98% effective in birth control if used correctly.
  • It helps prevent 70-87% of HIV infection among men who have sex with men. Because sex is mostly anal There may be a tear in the anus during intercourse. Therefore, the risk of contracting HIV is higher than normal sex between men and women, which provides up to 90% protection.
  • Help prevent sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes, hepatitis B. Genital warts Gonorrhea and pseudosyphilis 50-90%
  • Protection against human papillomavirus (HPV) is a group of viruses. That can lead to warts on the skin, genitals, pharynx, anus, but some types of HPV, especially types 16 and 18, can cause cancer such as cervical cancer, pharyngeal cancer (from oral use on a straight person’s genitals ) cross. ) penile cancer, rectal cancer, etc.

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How to choose a condom safely ?

Condoms we see for sale Only male condoms are often found because they are easy to use and these are the values ​​left to men who have to find and use them. wear As a result, in Thailand, female condoms are rarely found for sale. In this article, we would like to talk about condoms for men first.

There are three types of condoms for men.

  • Types made from natural latex and from synthetic substances. The type is made from animal intestine. It’s not popular anymore.
  • The advantages of types made from natural latex (rubber condom or latex condom) are cheap, more flexible than types made from animal intestine. Wear a skin-tight fit But the disadvantage is Not compatible with petroleum lubricants. Or skin lubricants, mineral oil, because it will deteriorate the structure of the latex. affect quality and protection but can be used with water based lubricants
  • Types made of Polyurethane or Polyisoprene (plastic condoms) by solving the disadvantages of natural latex condoms, which are more difficult, resistant to tearing. Suitable for those who fear an allergy to rubber. Petroleum based lubricants can be used. Or skin lubricants, mineral oil, and most importantly, can be made as thin as 01 millimeter, making it feel like not wearing anything (feeling like not wearing anything), but the price can be higher than the latex type.

condoms that suit every person You can observe yourself when the penis gets an erection. In general, it can expand 3-5 times more than before, it should be chosen to fit, not too loose or too tight. because it will tear easily or fall off during sex The size of the condom varies according to each brand. by measuring the circumference of the penis not length because almost all brands of condoms will make the same length, which is only about 6-7 inches, anyone with a penis longer than this may not be able to cover it’ n completely Condoms will tell the circumference in millimeters as follows

  • Condom size 49 millimeters (equivalent to a penis circumference of 11-12 centimeters or about 5 inches)
  • Condom size 52 millimeters (equal to a penis circumference of 12-13 centimeters or about 5 inches).
  • Condom size 54 millimeters (equivalent to a penis circumference of 13-14 centimeters or about 5 inches).
  • Condom size 56 millimeters (equal to a penis circumference of 14-15 centimeters or about 6 inches or more).

Have safe sex, not infected with HPV, the virus that causes cervical cancer – cancer of the vagina.

Place it properly to prevent the bag from breaking. ?

  • MSM who use a very thin condom (less than 0.03 mm), there is a chance that the condom will tear or break If anal sex is intense
  • While wearing a condom, the nail may be accidentally attached until it falls off, or some couples will use their mouth to put a condom on their partner. it can hit the other person’s teeth or the braces of those using their mouth Stuck on a condom while wearing it to the other party
  • Cut the condom envelope with scissors. Causing the loss of the condom without knowing
  • Using inappropriate lubricants, such as latex condoms. If you use petroleum or vegetable oil lubricants It will cause the flexibility and structure of the condom to deteriorate by 90%, so if you use a condom made of rubber A water based lubricant should be used. or a silicone-based lubricant instead If you feel that there is not enough lubrication Alternatively, you may notice the lubricant packaging. Choose where it says “can be used in conjunction with condoms”
  • I forgot to squeeze the condom pouch before inserting it. Causing air to remain trapped in the bulb During sex, a rupture can occur.
  • The condom is too tight or does not fit properly.
  • condom has expired or been stored in a hot place exposed to sunlight for a long time Condoms should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Perhaps sex today is not a misconception. But it is not open until it is shared openly and only when it is ready. Also, the intention of this article is for everyone to have safe sex by wearing a condom, not only on this Valentine’s Day, but every time they have sex. To prevent unexpected communicable diseases or unprepared stomach problems that are currently trending up

Thanks for information from: Ysbyty Samitivej and hfocus

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