“Valkyrie Profile -Lenas-” PS4, PS5 version delayed until December 22nd

Square Enix is“Valkyrie Profile -Lenas-“release dateAdjourned until Thursday, December 22ndpublish

Valkyrie Profile -Lenas- was originally released for the PSP in 2006.“Valkyrie Profile”It is a work that incorporates new films and additional elements.

and new“Rewind”or“Quick save”you can choose the screen display“Visual preset”It is a form that is transferred to PS4 and PS5 by adding convenient functions such as. The latest work in the series is set to be released on September 29 (Thursday)“Valkyrie Elysion”As well as being included as a bonus for the deluxe edition, it was also decided to sell it separately.

(The photo is from the official website of “Valkyrie Profile -Lenas-”)

According to this announcement, the release date will be changed from September 29 (Thursday), which was supposed to be released at the same time as “Valkyrie Elysion”, to December 22 (Thursday). The reason for the postponement isto improve qualitya.

In addition, “Valkyrie Elysion”Released on 29 September (Thursday) as plannedcoming. The download code for “Valkyrie Profile -Lenas-” included in the “Collector’s Edition” and “Digital Deluxe Edition” of the same work will be playable from Thursday, December 22.

The new release date for the ported version “Valkyrie Profile -Lenas-” is December 22nd (Thursday), the compatible platforms are PS4 and PS5, and the price is2750 yen(tax included). While enjoying the latest work “Valkyrie Elysion”, I would like to look forward to the release of “Valkyrie Profile -Lenas-“.

“Valkyrie Profile -Lenas-” Official Website
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