VALORANT 5.05 Thai people will pour water after the Chamber nervous again.

Monday, September 19, 2022, 13 hours 14 minutes 45 seconds, Indochina time

After finishing VALORANT Champions 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey. As a result, game developers like Riot Games get enough data on what they should do to make the VALORANT game as balanced as possible.

Especially when it comes to different VALORANT character agents because in VALORANT Champions 2022 there is one agent that stands out from the crowd and has the highest percentage of being used even when it was only nerfed, that is Chamber, a French young, dragging his smart head, loved by Thai players, with Chamber being used in the competition up to 67% (see all games).

But what’s even sadder is that VALORANT character agents, Sentinels, like Chambers, have a low percentage of being picked up. Second, Sage, only picked 22% of the percentage (and the role-to-game difference was quite different), while Kiljoy was third with a pick percentage of 16% and ended up with a guy who was throwing a hat. Cypher, it hurts my heart that Cypher has only been raised 7 times in this tournament throughout the tournament.

Cause Riot Games to once again decide to nerf the Chamber’s abilities because it seems that the Chamber’s nerfing before won’t affect it much at all. Most of the time, chambers are not built for 100% protection like Killjoy or Cypher, but their advantage is that it is an agent that can move its own position quickly from Rendezvous and there a very good game that eventually changes during the Eco Round. , as a Tour de Force.

As for the details of the nerf chamber in VALORANT 5.05, Riot Games has not revealed exactly where the nerfs will go in which direction. But from the words of Dev from Riot Game who said..

“This nerve chamber will require players to make more informed decisions about which ones to play. Especially when choosing a chamber as an agent standing in the front row, which is against playing the Sentinel position. “

Guessing that the Chamber would be able to reduce the ability of a flashing skill like Rendezvous down because this skill will make those who play Chamber brave enough to be crazy, brave Peak dares to lead a friend because it can be good Teleport fingers back. But in the end, we have to wait and see in VALORANT 5.05 that this nerf chamber from Riot Games will affect how much it affects. Because to be honest, the previous nerf didn’t reduce his skill at all..

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