“Valorant” April Fool’s Day: “Cypher’s Revenge” New Mode Trailer Released / Wingman Shooting “Patch Note 2004” Released / Limited Spray Distribution with Login Rewards (True)


Today, April 1, 2023, Riot Games announced a new mode for the free tactical FPS “VALORANT” “Cypher’s revenge“Release the trailer, and add”2004 patch notes” has been released.

In addition, these include April Fool’s Day aware,Except for limited spray distributionIt’s all a lie.


New Mode: Cypher’s Revenge

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The annual new game mode Lie trailer for April Fool’s Day has been released again this year. The content is that Cypher, who is often forced to play the role of a biting dog every time a new hero, new map, or trailer is released, finally comes out with a playable 5v1 game mode’ n serious (cheating -like) performance.

In addition to the release date of the game mode being March 32, you can see that it is an April Fool’s joke from the description of “* Playable only in Cypher’s Dream”.

On April Fool’s Day last year, a trailer was released that made fun of the “Wide Joy” that happened in the game and was unfortunately fixed.

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Login reward: “I’m here” spray (true)

However, as long as the distribution of the limited spray announced at the end of the traileractually acthave beenFrom 22:00 on April 1 to 21:59 on April 8, Japan timeYou can receive the “I’m here” spray by logging in during

VALORANT 2004 Patch Notes

Wingman + Operator

After an update that has been in development for some time, we have decided to change our normal patch schedule and introduce this patch note. We have also received feedback that there are phrases in the patch notes that are difficult to understand.

This time, I did my best to break down the content so that I could convey it to everyone as easily as possible, so please read it!

Agent update

  • Wingman can pick up guns and shoot
    • We know what you want – every gamer’s best friend, Wingman, brings his Operator to the site
  • Now allows Rapid Fire next to Brimstone’s whiskers
    • Brimstone looked us straight in the eye and squeezed our hands. We can’t say “impossible” to offer.

Competitive update

  • Players dating in the game will automatically be sent to a dedicated queue and won’t hear anything other than each other’s voice chat
    • Valentine’s Day has already passed, but I want to get closer to that person through VALORANT, who is more than a friend but less than a lover… But I don’t want to collect hate from my teammates. .. help you.

game system update

  • Shooting a gun inside a spawn area now sends the bullet flying into the enemy spawn area
    • No need for map controls
  • Change dash jet to cool down instead of charging. Cooldown set to 0.5s
    • i like jet i also like cars. That’s why we’ve reduced the dash cooldown to 0.5 seconds. Please fly away!

map update

  • The only playable map is Breeze. Added beach houses and deck chairs
    • Enjoy the opening of the sea a little earlier

mod update

  • Doubtful Teammate Mode: Solo Queue with leaderboards and communication turned off
    • It’s a mode where you don’t have to worry about being at the bottom of the flag, communicating with friends, or anything like that.

Better performance

  • IGL (in-game leader) using the agent’s face now has an “aged” filter applied
    • When I was that age, people used to say, “Young people are wasting their youth.” Times have changed

Progress update

  • You can advance the battle pass by riding a fitness bike
    • Do not forget to pass the battle and reach the end

Updated social features

  • “VALORANT accent” in voice chat is now autocorrected

Weapons update

  • There is an ongoing debate on the internet about which is better, Vandal or Phantom. To make your choice easier, we have removed Vandals from the store.
    • This is the end of my relationship with Vandal. Let’s get along with the Phantom from now on
      • #Phantom Gachi Koisei

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