Valorant Update 6.06: Objective damage multiplier from “Gecko” “Mosh Pit” and death condition change from “Wingman” / VFX change from “Lotus” destructible door, etc.


Today, March 28, 2023, Riot Games has announced the details of the update scheduled for the free tactical FPS “VALORANT”.patch notes 6.06publish. Update 6.06 includes the latest agents added in Chapter 6 of ACT IIBalance adjustment of “Gekko” and “Lotus”Add new optionbug fixes will be implemented.


VALORANT Patch Notes 6.06

Agent update


Valorant Update 6.06
  • “Mosh Pit”(C)
    • Reduced damage to objects: 2.5x >>> 1x
      • Mosh Pit dealt inconsistent damage to objects compared to abilities like KAY/O’s Fragment/Ment (C) and Breach’s Aftershock (C).
  • “Wingman”(Q)
    • Make sure the wingman dies when the wingman is the only survivor.

map update


  • Improved visual effects when destroying the destructible door between A-Link and A-Main, making it easier to see past the effect

game system update

  • Added ability to hide agent outlines and fresnel effects (agent color outlines)
    • It can be toggled on/off with the “Hide Contours and Fresnel Effects” option in Settings >> General >> Miscellaneous

Fix bugs

  • Agent
    • Fixed “Wingman” not being able to stun incorporeal players
  • game system
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in incorrect views under the map when loading a match
  • social
    • Fixed not being able to send whispers that start with a slash (^). From now on, you can send cute emoticons like “^w^” with Whisper
    • Fixed an issue that caused pin icons to appear for silent opponents. Pings for silent connections are now correctly hidden
    • Fixed an issue that caused the voice chat UI to disappear when the agent was blinded. The player can see the UI even if the agent itself can’t see anything.
    • Fixed a bug where the “Join” button would remain enabled after party invites were disabled
    • Fixed an issue where the number of people in the party was not displayed correctly when searching the friends list
    • Fixed a bug where scrolling the social panel would scroll another UI like the agent list
    • Fixed a bug that made it difficult to see the friends list when the auto decline in friend requests was enabled.

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