Valorant will receive servers in the Middle East this week

Finally, the Riot Games shooter Enhance is finally getting servers and support for the Middle East.

Previously, while you could play in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf countries, there were no official servers, which means high latency, lag, and a terrible ping.

This is due to a change starting on October 14, as Riot Games said it will turn on its servers in the Middle East, as well as support for the Arabic language.

The content will be released in line with the start of the Act 3 season, which will also see a new playable character and a new map.

Which will now join a new Arabic website, Arabic tutorials, and a mini-series of content that will see players from the region play on those Middle Eastern servers.

Riot also said it will soon announce its first e-sports tournament in the Middle East. “First Strike” will take place in November and will mark Riot’s first time in a full-fledged competitive game in the Middle East.

In other news, EA said its award-winning Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit is returning, remastered for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

The game will arrive ten years after its first release, during the franchise’s heyday. The new version allows players to drive a variety of supercars and police cars in the fictional Seacrest County.

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