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Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes F1 “The specifications of the machine are different from Hamilton”[F1-Gate .com]

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Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes F1 revealed that the car he was running at the F1 Qatar Grand Prix was not the same spec as Lewis Hamilton, who is competing for the championship with his teammates.

Valtteri Bottas’ recent performance, which was decided to move to Alfa Romeo F1 after being chased by Mercedes F1 with the addition of George Russell in 2022, has been criticized.

Former F1 driver Timo Glock told Sky Deutschland, “I don’t get the impression that he wants to support Lewis Hamilton at all.”

“In recent races he isn’t even taking the slightest risk. Toto Wolff always needs to motivate him wirelessly.”
“I think Lewis and Max will decide this world championship themselves.”

Another former F1 driver, Giedo van der Garde, agrees.

“Bottas was another soft race,” Giedo van der Garde told Ziggo Sport.

“I was watching and thought,’What are you doing! Delay the brakes a little!’. I just let people overtake me on Turn 2.”

“He goes around those corners like a sissy”

Asked about Valtteri Bottas’ performance, Mercedes F1 team leader Toto Wolff admits, “I know he can fight off when he’s in the lead. Speed ​​is there.”

“I fully believe in him in future races and hope we have a good car and hope that Valtteri will be at the forefront again. We need Valtteri “

But Valtteri Bottas himself claims that there was more to it than he could see when it came to his performance at the F1 Qatar Grand Prix.

“I’ve found a reason, but I can’t give details,” Valtteri Bottas told Ilta Sanomat.

“But my machine wasn’t exactly the same as it used to be, and it wasn’t the same as Lewis.”

“The machines were a little different.”

But Ralf Schumacher believes Lewis Hamilton is likely to beat Max Verstappen to win the title without the support of Valtteri Bottas.

“Max gives everything and shows how good he is, but under normal circumstances he has no chance,” Ralf Schumacher said.

Ralf Schumacher also says Mercedes doesn’t even have to cheat to steal a point lead from Max Verstappen.

“Mercedes has shown again here that it is fast enough and does not need to cheat,” Ralf Schumacher said.

“I don’t think any team is deliberately violating the rules. Even if you do that, you’re always in the very gray zone and something can go wrong.”

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