Vamanan teaser | Can now be seen as a home stay manager; Indrans’ ‘Dwarf’ First Look Teaser

Newcomer AB plays Indrans in ‘Natural Actor’ The first look teaser of ‘Vamanan’, a film written, scripted and directed by Binil, has been released. Produced by Arun Babu KB and Samah Ali under the banner of Movie Gang Productions, the film stars Baiju Santosh, Arun, Nirmal Palazhi, Sebastian, Binoj, Jerry, Manu Bhagwat, Aditya Soni and Seema G. Nair and Dilsa play other characters.

Executive Producer- Raghu Venugopal, Rajeev Warrier. Ashokan Karumathil, Suma Menon, Line Producer- Rajitha Sushant. Arun Shiva is the cinematographer. Nitin George composes music with lyrics by Santosh Verma and Vivek Muzhakkunnu.

Editor- Sanal Raj, Production Controller- Binu Murali, Art- Nidhin Edappal, Makeup- Akhil T. Raj, Costume Design- Surya Sekhar, Stills- Anu Pallichal, Advertising- Sound- Karun Prasad, Associate Director- Tights Alexander,

‘Vamanan’ is a horror psycho thriller film about the survival of a family man working as a home stay manager in a hilly village. P.R.O. – A.S. Dinesh.

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Is there another country like Thrikkakara where elections are hot? Vellari Pattanam says that there is. The name of the place is Chakkarakkudam. ‘Vellaripattanam’ introduces one of the leading candidates there- KP Sunanda.

Chakkarakudam and KP are in the first character reel of ‘Vellaripattanam’ starring Manju Warrier and Soubin Shahir in the lead roles. Introduced by Sunanda. KP is Manju Warrier. Sunanda. The character reel contains a brief description of this character. ‘Vellaripattanam’ also presents a novelty in portraying the character in this way. Although the motion poster and character poster are familiar, this is the first time the character has been featured on a character reel with a description.

In the teaser of the hit ‘Vellaripattanam’, Saubin asked Manju, ‘How can you sit here without doing any work when Indian politics is boiling?’ Now that Kerala politics is booming with Thrikkakara, Manju’s KP Sunanda is responding to it through a character reel.

Summary: Character reel from Indrans movie Vamanan is here

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