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“Vampires” love beyond time. Prove true love!

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“Vampires” love beyond time. Prove true love!

It’s time to serve up some fun. Mao, including romance, comedy, drama, action, most importantly, timeless fantasy through premium grade CG, you’ll be amazed!! With the drama “Rak Niran Chantra”, the latest creative work from the quality drama camp, Chonlumpe Brothers Co., Ltd. by the organizer, Chulawut Chonlumpe, starring Ken Theeradej Wongpuaphan, coupled together. First together with Ice Preechaya Pongthananikorn, together with Mac Weerakanit Kanwattanakul, Aum Issaya Hosuwan, Willie McIntosh, Joy Rinlanee Sripen, Wawawanich Cha Chokprachakchai, A-Anan Bunnag, Kob Songsit Rungnophakunsri, etc., with Pao Trakul Aroonsawad being directing the show.
Ken Theeradej Wongpuaphan turns a major role with the role of Tacha Sirisapphakdi or Thap, a young man who is faithful and stable in his love for his mother. He has lived a long time since the late Ayutthaya period. until now Thap lives in the name of Tacha, a cold young man. look mysterious to others But there is a cute corner for close people. Each day, he would patrol the bad guys out of reach of the law. And one day he meets Tongchan (Ice Preechaya Pongthananikorn), she is a beautiful accountant who has a face like a full mother like the same person. He then proceeded to flirt with her at first sight. And she tried to avoid him. because he did not think that a rich handsome businessman like him would fall in love with her sincerely

“Love Niran Chantra” tells the story of Tacha…a young man with immortal life. who waited for a long time Until I met her A girl with the same face and character as his first and only love as if they were the same person. She made his life meet the light again. but his steadfast love How to win her heart when she is a person But he’s not!? Find the answer in the drama “Love Niran Chantra” broadcasting every Friday-Saturday-Sunday at 8:20 PM. on Channel 3, press 33. Start waiting for Friday, July 23 as the first episode or follow the movement at Ch3Thailand and the ‎CH3Plus Application

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