Van Dijk asks for revenge, pointing out the fate of Rafa! 5 things before Liverpool vs Everton

German manager Jurgen Klopp is set to lead Liverpool to a trip to Everton at Goodison Park for the Merseyside derby on Wednesday, December 1.

For this stadium, there are not many impressive memories for Virgil van Dijk because he had to rest for the past season. After being severely injured in his clash with Jordan Pickford, the host’s goalkeeper

While Rafael Benitez looks like this match could be a decisive game in the boss’s chair. “Blue Taffy” because they previously did not win 6 matches in a row, and if they lose, the “Reds” may have been given a white envelope.

1. Van Dijk aims to erase nightmares at Goodison Park

Van Dijk asks for revenge, pointing out the fate of Rafa!  5 things before Liverpool vs Everton

for Merseyside games The derby match at Goodison Park could not be more memorable than Virgil van Dijk, who had to take a long break last season. after being seriously injured

The Dutch defender was hit by Jordan Pickford, goalkeeper “Taffy Blue” hit hard until he injured his knee. And as a result can not help the “Reds” throughout the past season. Which is one of the key factors that cause Liverpool’s form to stagnate and fall off the circuit to win the championship.

Returning to this stadium again, of course, Van Dijk would be difficult to erase bad memories. And wanting to retaliate Pickford, who made him spend more than a year at the hospital than the training ground.

This event believes that Van Dijk will be full of determination to help the team to win. and if it will satisfy the most also have to score goals for the team Which is now referred to as being more confident. After the last game, he scored the first goal since recovering from injury.

2. Be careful adding to the list of bad players.

Van Dijk asks for revenge, pointing out the fate of Rafa!  5 things before Liverpool vs Everton

During this time, the “Reds” must try to support the existing players to be completely fit. Because the team is in the program in December. Because there are matches to compete in such a way that I can hardly breathe.

The team is currently without Naby Keita, Joe Gomez, Curtis Jones, Harvey Elliott and Roberto Firmino, so Klopp expects the squad. The rest will remain fit and ready to help the team by the end of 2021.

However, one of the things Klopp is particularly concerned about is that Merseyside derby matches tend to focus unnecessarily on the ball. And of course, this will have a very bad effect on his team.

This event tells me that the two teams will probably put together relentlessly. But it seems that the home players may be particularly focused. Because the situation of the team at this time is not very good and if they beat Liverpool it should give them more morale.

3. Benitez’s future depends on the Merseyside battle.

Van Dijk asks for revenge, pointing out the fate of Rafa!  5 things before Liverpool vs Everton

Ever since Rafael Benitez led Everton to a home win against Norwich City, as long as they produced a good quality performance with a draw against Manchester United, after that, the team couldn’t spell a win. again

Losing five matches and drawing just one game, the once sweet “Blue Toffee” has now turned into a spoiled Toffee as their rankings have dropped to 14 with only 15 points.

The key point is that in the Mersey River derby match, if Rafa still can’t produce a good result. His future is expected to return to unemployment again.

Imagine the situation after the game against the city’s foes. They also have tough fixtures such as against Arsenal, away to the “Blue Lions” Chelsea and against the “Foxes” Leicester City. Think about it if nothing changes.

This work believes that the disciples “Evertonian” would not want to see their favorite team lose to Liverpool, importantly if they get three points in this match. It could be a turning point in the resurrection as well.

4. Heavy metal offensive line, daunting defensive duel

Van Dijk asks for revenge, pointing out the fate of Rafa!  5 things before Liverpool vs Everton

For now, the highlight of Liverpool is their balance of attacking and defensive play, but what stands out is their attacking line that is extremely dangerous. and scored substantial goals in the past

Mohamed Salah has netted 11 goals in 13 league games, including 17 goals in 18 matches in all competitions, while Diogo Jota and Sadiomane are unusual in the game. The league has already smashed 7 goals.

In midfield, they continued to use three of the best midfield players – Fabinho, Jordan Henderson and Thiago Alcantara – all playing well. And this is probably one of the key points that makes the “Reds” dominate in this match.

While Everton’s defensive game, I have to say that it’s very dismal. In the past 6 league games they have conceded 12 goals and scored only 3 goals and kept only one clean sheet. Of course, the home team must plan carefully if they want to share points from Liverpool, but if they play loosely, they have the right to lose.

5. Three very important points

Van Dijk asks for revenge, pointing out the fate of Rafa!  5 things before Liverpool vs Everton

During the program kicked together since the beginning of December. The most important thing is that Liverpool don’t trip over their own legs and score a point. As in the draws with Brentford and Brighton and Hove Albion.

The fact that they were able to chase down Chelsea at the top of the crowd with just two points, that’s a great sign that the “Reds” will have to try to accelerate. And do not make the mistake of meeting the middle team. and lower in the decisive league

In fact, Liverpool’s league fixtures in the final months of 2021 will be less heavy as they face Wolves, Aston Villa, Newcastle United, Spurs, Lee. Des United and Leicester City

Therefore, winning the Merseyside derby is likely to be a key point in creating excitement for Jurgen Klopp’s men, because if Chelsea and Manchester City Stumbled up, “The Reds” were ready to overtake immediately.

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