Vancouver’s value car table starts at more than $300,000, and it beats Grand Hyatt Vancouver’s weekend sale.

Kang Rong International will be launching Vancouver’s super value car table this weekend, with only CAD $390,000 for free parking! It is close to the famous SFU university Simon Fraser University and Metrotown, the largest shopping center in Vancouver. The price per square foot starts from only $800 to $900 per square foot, and the Townhouses & Condos offer is the lowest priced in Metro Vancouver this year. At the same time, we introduced a new residential project next to Metrotown in Vancouver. There will also be a seminar on Canadian immigration. If you are interested or are reserving a direct unit, you are welcome to visit the exhibition at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Wanchai this weekend. Free parking is provided at the car park No 1 . It’s a rare opportunity to get over $300,000 in Vancouver, while stocks last.

Vancouver’s value-for-money car table starts at just CAD $390,000, plus free parking.

More than ten minutes to reach Simon Fraser University SFU

The properties featured in this issue are currently the most affordable projects in Greater Vancouver, starting at just $800 per square foot, with prices starting at more than $300,000. It takes more than 10 minutes to reach the main campus of Simon Fraser University, the top ten international college in Canada, and currently has more than 40,000 students.

It takes more than 10 minutes to reach the main campus of SFU, the top ten international college in Canada, from the project.

More than ten minutes to the largest shopping center Metrotown

Metrotown in Metropolis, the third largest shopping center in Canada, has more than 450 stores, including the Chinese supermarket T&T Datonghua Supermarket. It only takes more than 10 minutes to get to and from the project.

6 minutes walk to MRT station and close to Douglas College

A 6 minute walk to the Skytrain Station provides easy access to Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam and downtown. In addition, it is closer to Douglas Post-secondary College, the largest in British Columbia, and the school will allocate 300 million Canadian dollars to continue expanding the campus.

Luxurious materials, beautiful landscapes, free parking spaces for all units

There are almost 200 units in total, including one-bedroom, one-bedroom, one-bedroom and multi-purpose, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and three-bedroom townhouse series, with 2 to 10 years of maintenance and keep Each unit will also receive one or two parking spaces. The materials used in the project are luxurious, and high brand household appliances are also used Air conditioning and heating systems are provided The space of the unit is square and practical, with beautiful landscapes and a five star club. Prices start at $390,000 while stocks last.

The materials used in the project are luxurious, and high brand household appliances are also used, and the heating and cooling system is provided. The space of the unit is square and practical.

75 acres of greenery for a major hospital in the CBD area

The project is located in the CBD area of ​​the city center, which is convenient for employment and entrepreneurship. It is close to major hospitals, attracting professional tenants and potential purchasing power. A large green park of 75 acres is within a 5 minute walk, improving the quality of life!

There is a large green park of 75 acres within a 5 minute walk, with pleasant natural scenery in the surrounding four seasons.

The same site launched a new residential project along the Metrotown subway line in Vancouver

The project has one- to three-bedroom units, free parking and storage rooms, as well as a first-year lease guarantee and exclusive discounts. The project is a five-minute walk to Metrotown in Metropolis and a four-minute walk to Metrotown SkyTrain Station, adjacent to Crystal Mall Hong Kong, where you can enjoy the shops and delicacies of Hong Kong people.

Metrotown is located in the heart of Burnaby, Greater Vancouver, the center of Greater Vancouver, and one of the busiest towns in Vancouver.

Kangrong International Exhibition provides professional and comprehensive analysis

Kang Rong International Group Co., Ltd mainly promotes Canadian real estate to Hong Kong people. Group members hold EAA Hong Kong and Canadian real estate licenses. They have won many awards from developers every year. Regardless new buildings, off-plan transfers, second-hand building sales, leasing, repossession fees, mortgage information, property taxation, local market conditions, the latest real estate information and future issues, etc. Kangrong International team can be present in the exhibition.Provided, a Canadian real estate specialist.

▐ “Over $300,000 Canadian Dollars” along the Vancouver Metro Line, Condos and Townhouses ▐ Exclusive exhibition in Hong Kong for the new project next to Metrotown in Vancouver ▐
Sole Agent in Hong Kong • Exclusive Buyer of the Week
???? Starting from more than $300,000 CAD
???? The first installment starts from more than $30,000
???? Free Year-round Charter Guarantee*
???? One or two free parking spaces
???? Special exclusive discount (limited to the first 20 buyers)
???? Free storage room (only for the first 20 buyers)
???? Air conditioning and heating system
???? Best home appliances for free
???? Free Canadian immigration inquiry at the fair
???? Choose and buy without a lottery while stocks last

Dates: November 5-6 (this weekend, Saturday, Sunday)
Time: 11am to 7pm
Location: 1 Harbor Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
M Salon Room Tier 1 – 4
(Exit MTR Convention and Exhibition Station B3)
(Free parking is provided in car park No. 1 at the fair)

On the evening of November 4th at 9:00, Kangrong International Live Online Channel:
Kang Rong Live International Online Channel Introduction[Quiet Vancouver!Gan ddechrau o fwy na 300,000 o ddoleri Canada]Start the new car board along the Vancouver Skytrain | A rare boutique mansion with an irresistible landscape | Five units on each floor with high privacy | Large terrace on one side of each home | Free electric vehicle parking and storage room

Welcome to register and participate:
Youtube –

Facebook –

Details: (852) 9828-9959


Email: [email protected]

(Welcome to call to register or visit the fair directly)

In order to protect our customers, Kangrong International will take a series of anti-epidemic measures during the exhibition, and all consultations and explanations will be held in one-on-one independent rooms. Kang Rong International will measure the body temperature and disinfect everyone entering and leaving! The venue will be cleaned and disinfected regularly to ensure customers feel at home!

HONG WIN INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD (EAA LICENSE: C-065286) Address: 2202- 22/F, CAMERON COMMERCIAL CENTRE, 458-468 HENNESSY ROAD, CAUSEWAY BAY, HONG KONG. Property Number: V-C03-2022 | REZ.17-10004 issued by the City of Burnaby. Property Number: V-F01-2022 | Development Permit SDP00223 issued by the City of New Westminster. The Company represents the seller and the buyer, and the buyer will acquire an interest in land, an interest in a building built on the land, and a right to use and occupy the property within the building. Buying off-shore unbuilt property is complicated and risky. Before making a purchase decision, you should read all relevant information and documents carefully. When in doubt, seek independent professional advice before making a purchase decision. In no event shall the developer be liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of this print. Any reliance on such information must be at your own risk. * Choose on your own. The rental yield and exchange rate of the above properties are subject to change, and the information ultimately contained is based on the state of the market at the time. The above property is subject to relevant local laws. Disclaimer – The prices above refer to the exchange rate of CAD $1 to HKD 5.7. Masks are required. Last updated: 2022.11.02

*Investment involves risk

(Information and photos provided by customers)

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