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Varkkala Sub Inspector Anie Siva viral life story

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Anne had applied for relocation as her family was in Ernakulam

Thiruvananthapuram: Surviving the crisis, SP Annie, who made headlines as a sub-inspector, has been shifted to Ernakulam Central Police Station. Annie, who was an SI at the Varkala police station, was shifted to the Kochi city police station at her request.

On June 25, Anne took over as SI at the police station. Anne had applied for relocation as her family was in Ernakulam. Relocation considering this application.

Anne, who had to move out of the house with her baby at the age of 20, was the subject of a discussion on social media about becoming a sub-inspector. Annie was the first to mention the crises she went through on social media, and since then many people have come to the scene praising Annie. Actor Unni Mukundan and Leader of the Opposition VD Satheesan had lauded Annie on Facebook.

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Kanjiramkulam KNM at the age of eighteen. Annie was married to a friend when she was studying for her first year degree in a government college. Annie started her life against the wishes of her family and lost touch with her family.

She divorced her husband six months after giving birth to a baby. He returned to his home with the baby in his arms. But when they did not accept, he went to his relative’s house and started living there. Curry powders and soap were brought home and traded. Worked as an insurance agent. He also did small business with many of the festival goers. A stall selling lemonade and ice cream has been set up at Sivagiri in Varkala. In the meantime, he went to college and graduated.

Later in 2014, at the instigation of a friend, the SI for Women Joined the training center in Thiruvananthapuram for the test. In the meantime, she entered the job as a woman constable in 2016 after writing and passing the exam. After that he passed the SI in 2019 and completed his training and became a sub-inspector in Varkala.


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