varthamanam: Is the screening permission given on the basis of caste and tribe? Openly beaten Aryadan Shoukath – aryadan shoukath slams censor board for denying permission of screening to varthamanam movie

The Censor Board has denied permission to screen a film directed by Siddharth Siva starring Parvathi Thiruvoth and Roshan Mathew. Varthamanam was denied permission to screen. According to reports, the film has been denied screening on the grounds that it is anti-national and violates religious harmony. Now the producer and screenwriter of the film Aryadan Shaukat has come on the scene in response to the incident.

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Producer Aryadan Shaukat has objected to a tweet written by a BJP leader, a member of the censor board, denying censorship permission for the film. He says the cultural emergency cannot be accepted. Aryadan Shaukat also asks whether the screenwriter’s caste and tribe are given permission to screen the film. His response was via Facebook.

Full version of Aryadan Shaukat’s post

When it comes to the student struggle on the Delhi campus, how can it be anti-national when it comes to the democratic struggle in India? Censor board member BJP leader Adv. V. Sandeep Kumar’s tweet has it all. He has publicly stated that Dalit and Muslim persecution was the subject of the JNU agitation and that the reason for his opposition to the film was that the screenwriter and producer of the film was Aryadan Shaukat.
We still live in India, a democratic, secular and socialist republic.
Permission to screen a film is given by the screenwriter
Looking at caste and tribe? The undeclared state of emergency in the cultural arena cannot be accepted.



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