Vegetarian Festival 2022 starts on what date. How should I adhere to the rules of vegetarianism to gain merit?

When does this year’s vegetarian festival start? What are the prohibitions to eat? and how to act on all doubts aboutVegetarian Festival Year 65“Thairath Online has been compiled.

When does Vegetarian Festival 2022 start?

Vegetarian Festival 2022 Starting between September 26 – October 4, 2022, a total of 9 days and 9 nights, and if counted according to the Chinese lunar calendar It will fall on the first day of the ninth lunar month until the end of the ninth day of the ninth lunar month of each year.

However, before entering the first day of a vegetarian diet many people can prepare by “eat on the stomach” From September 25, 2022, which means starting a vegetarian diet 1 day in advance for the body to adapt to vegetarianism.

Open the meaning of “J flag”

the word “J” is the pronunciation according to the Chinese Teochew accent but if read aloud in Mandarin It must be pronounced “Jaime“(齋) means”a chapel“Do a vegetarian fast as observe the Uposatha precepts and behave morally Do not eat meat of any kind.

If anyone sees a yellow sign that says “J” or “quick” with red letters that will be decorated in various shops and restaurants During the vegetarian festival 2022, that is the media that There are no savory dishes in the restaurant. or the meat itself Vegetarians can eat

History of Vegetarian Festival 2022

It is believed that herbalism began when the Manchu army came to rule the people of China. cause the military forces of the villagers”Nguyhua protested“Unite against the Manchu Army by wearing white Avoid eating strongly smelling meat-vegetables. And held the ritual to prevent the weapons of the Manchu army from firing into danger. Thus became the origin of the current vegetarian fasting tradition.

When the Chinese migrated to foreign territories in different countries. the ASEAN region also brought the concept of ancestor worship and beliefs about vegetarianism To commemorate heroic events and the victories of the villagers’ soldiers at that time Along with the belief in fasting and making merit until it became “Vegetarian Festival“ that practice continues to spread widely in the present

Vegetarian food 2522, what should I not eat?

  • Abstain from all types of meat
  • Avoid milk, butter, and oils derived from animals.
  • Avoid 5 strong smelling vegetables (garlic, onion, chives, lak kyo (Chinese garlic), tobacco leaves).
  • Abstain from food that is very spicy, very spicy, very sweet, very sour and very salty.
  • Do not eat food from a non-vegetarian cook including not using mixed containers
  • Not drinking alcohol, drugs and drunkenness.

What can vegetarians eat in 2022?

  • plant protein
  • Agricultural Protein
  • vegetable fat
  • plant carbohydrates
  • all kinds of vegetables and fruits
  • herbal seasoning

Can vegetarians eat eggs?

The answer is “can not“Because eggs are considered products of living things. Therefore, vegetarians cannot eat eggs. In order to comply with the principle of fasting vegetarianism which has been practiced successively they said they would not eat meat and encroach on the food of living organisms.

Things to do during the Vegetarian Festival

  • Have mercy, do not harm all animals.
  • Be calm in body, speech and mind; don’t talk rudely.
  • Dressed in white, covered in white, keep the five precepts, do charity and calm the mind.
  • The light of 9 lanterns in shrines, almshouses, and herbal halls for 9 days and 9 nights.

Benefits of vegetarian diet 2022

  • Keeping the precepts of purity to be offered as a Buddhist offering to the Bodhisattva Guan Yin and the revered holy god
  • he did virtue and charity to all animals by abstaining from eating meat of any kind for 9 days and 9 nights
  • Restore health and detoxify the body. because eating vegetables and products that come from plants helps to make the sub-system work normally during defecation
  • promote good health Reduce the risk of developing serious diseases This is because eating fruit and vegetables lowers blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol.
  • A result of focusing on eating vegetables – fruit. with fiber and antioxidants Some people may find their skin more radiant.

However, vegetarianism duringVegetarian Festival 2022 It should be done in conjunction with other health care, such as exercise and getting enough rest. drinking clean water To help detoxify the body in the body But at the same time, people with health problems, malnutrition or the body need protein to repair the parts of the body that are worn out. It is necessary to consult a doctor before eating vegetarian. Otherwise, it can affect your health as well.

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