Velodrome Lexus looks at a year of age in Detroit sustainability

The designer velodrome undertaking learned the difference between opposing dreams and paying bills. It's not viable to operate $ 4.5 million, 64,000 square-foot but only with the support of niche racing fans.

"You hope and dream, then what you think of the reality is," said Hughes, 69, of Rochester Hills, who is executive director of Fitness Fitness Institute, the non-profit operator of the sodod. "We did more than what we thought was our first year."

The reality is, in a financial perspective, that the velodrome has occurred an appeal. The target was $ 1 million in revenue. It reached approximately $ 900,000, with operating costs of $ 950,000. So, it fell around $ 50,000 in red – it was not ideal, but it was not unusual for a new business, especially as a unique velodrome.

Through other important measures – including attendance, community support and international interest – the enterprise has a great potential.

The door lasted about 35,000 people last year. Athletes traveled as far as Germany and New Zealand to compete at the Detroit venue. Show a place from 500-600 spectators up to the 980 resource center races, almost a dozen races were made available in Detroit Public Television, and most likely were all, and all routes flowed to the races looking for a 10,000-15,000 audience around the world.

"I think I can find a lot of exposure around the world in Detroit," said Hughes, adding that 60 percent of those viewing races are online from outside the United States.

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