Venezuela remained in sixth place in the world baseball ranking

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC, in English) announced yesterday the update of the world ranking of the men’s category in which Venezuela remains in sixth place.

The organization presented the list after analyzing the results obtained after the World Baseball Classic (WBC) played this March.

In first place in the ranking remains the Japanese team, which won the WBC after beating the United States in the final. The second position is precisely the set of stars and stripes.

Third place went to the Mexican team and the Top 5 was completed by the national teams of Chinese Taipei and South Korea.

Venezuela was the only team, apart from Japan, that did not register any change in the list and remained in sixth position with 3,534 points.


The WSBC, for its acronym in English, announced the formation of the groups for what will be the ninth edition of the 2023 Women’s Baseball World Cup.

The highest governing body of baseball indicated that the contest will have a two-stage format in which 12 teams will play.

The participating teams will be divided into two groups in which the first two classified from each group plus two wildcards advance to the final stage.

In Group A are the selections of: United States, Australia, Mexico, and two Asian teams to be defined. This group will play in Thunder Bay, Canada, from the 8th to the 13th of August.

For its part, Group B is made up of: Japan, Puerto Rico, France, Cuba, Venezuela and a third representative from Asia still without a name. This key will be playing from September 13 to 17 in Miyoshi, Japan city.


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However, between the night of the 27th and the next morning, the river was cut down, leaving only the stump. It was obvious that someone had cut it with a chainsaw.

Police immediately arrested the 16-year-old, but it is unclear why he committed the crime. Police said they are waiting for tips from those who know the reason.

The shock of the residents on hearing that the landmark of this area had been brutally cut down was huge. He mourned the loss of a symbol of the north-east. Many people said it was a place full of memories of proposing to their partners next to the tree and scattering the ashes of their loved ones near the tree ▲ The famous Robin Hood tree in Northumberland, north-east England, was cut down. ▲ The stump remains strong, giving hope that it can grow again. PA Media Northumberland National Park Authority Chief Executive Tony Gates said the tree had been an “inspiration and part of British identity” for artists, writers and photographers. “A lot of people have a deep connection to this place and have great memories of it, and it would be a real shame to lose that,” he said. He added that he hoped it would not have too much of an impact on tourism as Northumberland had a number of other great attractions.

Photographer Ian Sprott said it was “heartbreaking”, while Hexham councilor Guy Offerman said it was “absolutely heartbreaking”.

But National Trust general manager Andrew Ford said the stump of the tree was so healthy that new shoots could grow under the trunk and cover the tree again.

The BBC is broadcasting a text message asking people to send in pictures of their memories of Britain’s most beloved tree.

Senior Correspondent Lim Byeong-seon

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