Verstappen laughs off Red Bull F1 track limit warning[]

Max Verstappen has laughed at a warning he received from Red Bull Racing following the black and white flags at the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix.

Verstappen’s third straight win of the season, fifth win of the season and 40th of his F1 career, extended his lead over teammate Sergio Perez by 53 points in the drivers’ standings.

The only blemish for Verstappen, who achieved his third F1 Grand Slam from pole position, fastest lap, all around the front and won a race, was that he was black and white flagged three times for breaking the track limits that was being done.

Verstappen was gently cautioned by race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase after the second black and white flag was shown. And after the third, under the black-and-white flag, Lambiase reminded drivers that they were 18 seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton and “there is no risk”.

Any further infringement will result in a 5 second penalty.

But Verstappen had other ideas. On the 61st lap, Verstappen scored the fastest lap point. Lambiase joked over the radio, “Come on, can we go home between the white lines?”

“I’ve crossed the white line three times. It happens sometimes,” Verstappen said of the incident.

“There were some tracks that were a bit easier, but I struggled a bit with the hard tires to stay within the white lines.”

“But when I got the last warning, I had to stay within the white line. But it doesn’t really matter.”

Asked if he was reprimanded by his team for ignoring Lambiase’s instructions, Verstappen said: “Well, I kept within the white line and made my lap times a bit faster. I didn’t do anything wrong on the rice field

“They don’t know how much speed I have in the car. I don’t care if they say it’s the fastest lap, but I thought I could do it. Inside the white line. All I had to do was keep it within the white line.”

“I think it’s something we can laugh about. Helmut was[Marko]and I laughed about it after the race and I think they were quite happy.”

Verstappen, who started from pole position, took control of the race from the start despite starting on new medium tyres, while all nine behind him were on used soft tyres.

After a long run into Turn 1 and holding off Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz in the opening corner, Verstappen had few problems after that and took another step towards a third straight win.

Reflecting on the race, Verstappen said:

“It was important to keep the lead in Turn 1. It was quite tight.”

“But actually I had a really good start and from there I tried to control the pace at medium.

“Everyone behind me was mostly on the softs and I knew I could build a big gap, especially in the last eight laps of that period.”

“Then I changed to the hard tires and thought it would be a bit better, but there wasn’t much grip. It was quite slippery.”

“The pace was still right, but we weren’t able to make as much of a difference as we thought we would.”

“I did the number of laps I should have done on that tire and then pitted again to switch to the soft tyre. It actually felt good again.”

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