Verstappen, unlucky Q2 loss “The road to the top is tough but I won’t give up” / Saudi Arabia F1 GP[]

Max Verstappen will finish in 15th place due to engine problems in qualifying for the F1 Saudi Arabia 2023 GP. Max Verstappen, who set the best time in every session this weekend by a wide margin to the following. He also managed to pass C1 in the lead and went out on the out lap to prepare for his first attack in C2, but a mechanical problem occurred during sector 1 and his session ended early here.

Max Verstappen slowly returned to the pits, but when the car was pushed back into the garage he quickly got out of the cockpit and went to the FIA ​​garage to weigh in. The team immediately confirmed that there was a problem with the drive shaft. Max finished his qualification in 15th place. “At turn 10 we had a problem with the right rear drive shaft and qualifying ended there,” said Max Verstappen. “There had been no problems up to that point, but it happened very suddenly. The machine had been running well until then, so it’s a shame. Every session was fast and responsive when on track, and it was a battle for pole position. I was confident I could do it.” “There’s a bit more work to do tomorrow, but the championship has just started, so I want to take it positively. It may be difficult to win from the start of this situation, but We will try to score more points. ” “The road to the top will be difficult, but we will not give up. This is a track where anything can happen. Today we have to face reality. Tomorrow will be a difficult race.” , the car has good pace so we are going to move forward.”

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