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“Vertical Marathon” Let’s go up to Qianjiang New City together. This training game is very “burning”.

Hangzhou Net Release Time: 2023-06-01 06:55

Hangzhou Daily News “咻 ——” With a whistle, 59 passionate players rushed out of the starting line and rushed into tall buildings like arrows off the string, measuring the height of the city with their feet, and fighting gravity in the space vertical. Recently, the Qianjiang New City Asian Games Entering Buildings “Welcome to the Asian Games with a smile @Buildings” launch ceremony and the special session of the Hangzhou 2023 Sijiqing Tower Race Official Training Camp were held at Huafon International.

One year later, as a certified event by the World Tower Racing Association, the starting gun of the Hangzhou Tower Race is about to sound again. “The first Hangzhou Tower Race in 2020 will be held in Raffles City, and the third session will return this year with enthusiasm, and will start in Raffles City on June 18.” According to Yao Zhongping, deputy director of Shangcheng District Culture, Radio , Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau Introduction, tower racing, also known as “vertical marathon”, is an urban sport that is popular all over the world. “As soon as the registration channel is opened every year, the number of entries immediately kills, which shows that this event is very popular. Therefore, this year we will be holding a ‘training game’, on the one hand to warm up for the official game, and on the other hand, it also allows the white-collar workers in the building to experience the atmosphere of welcoming the Asian Games to all the people.”

The training match was held at Huafon International, which is also one of the notable high-rise buildings in Hangzhou, with a total of 40 floors and a height of 150 meters. Enthusiasm for climbing sports enthusiasts in the nearby office buildings is very high. “I usually love outdoor sports, such as mountain climbing, hiking, etc. I missed the last Hangzhou Tower Race because of time constraints. I decided to register for this year, so let’s get used to the rhythm of the competition first. ” Gu Danjie of Zhonghui Certified Public Accountants said, “The experience of participating in the competition is very good, and the guarantee work of the event is well done. Energy supply stations are set up on every tenth floor. Not only can it be there. You’ll have water to drink, but you can also call medical staff at any time.”

On the day of the event, Sijiqing Sub-District also organized a smiley face redemption event jointly with the party building co-construction unit and Gongfu Qianjing Workshop. “Taking this opportunity from the official training camp of the tower racing competition, the Asian Games into buildings in the core area of ​​Qianjiang New City will be officially launched from now on.” Shen Qi, deputy director of Sijiqing Sub-District The Office said that as the only venue for the Asian Games in Shangcheng District Street, in order to further create the atmosphere of the Asian Games, it called on the building’s white-collar workers to participate in the Asian Games, serve the Asian Games, and contribute to the Asian Games. Next, the street will go through the Asian Games venues at noon through the bus, building fun games, sports-themed club performances, welcome to Asian Games mobile registration, Asian Games gashapon machine More than ten carriers held, such as knowledge quiz, Asian Games city volunteer training, singing for the Asian Games to learn sign language to welcome the Asian Paralympic Games, a series of activities for the Asian Games to enter the building . At that time, the street will invite enterprises in the jurisdiction, joint construction units, party members and the masses to participate together, so that white-collar workers in the building can experience the venues of the Asian Games, test the Asian Games projects, optimize the business environment, and create a city image of “the most beautiful Hangzhou” and “the most beautiful new city”.

Source: Hangzhou Daily Author: Reporter Lu Yejue Shangcheng Weirong Circle Wang Yi Wei Ting Editor: Wang Hao


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