Very detailed! Mano explains the tactics of the losing game to Malay, using Weerathep-Thitiphan, the middle pair, insisting not to give up

Post’s war elephant coach explains the tactics in the loss to Malaysia, especially the choice of a pair of midfield players. Weerathep-Thitiphan was confirmed ready to take full responsibility, but he did not resign

Mano Polking, coach of the Thai national team The post explains the playing tactics in detail. In particular, the decision to use Weerathep Pomphan and Thitiphan Phuangchan in the latest game that lost on penalties Malaysia with a total score of 4-6, eliminated in the first round of the 48th King’s Cup football on 22 September.

War Elephants behind Malaysia 0-1 in the first half before the second half, Mano Polking will change 3 players at once, sending Supanut Mueanta, Pathomphon Charoenratanaphirom and Phithiwatt Sukchittam. Kul played instead of Weerathep Pomphan, Thitiphan Phuangchan and Padin Phala, making the game look better. Until he got the goal to equalize in injury time 1-1 from Phansa Hemwiboon, but missed a penalty painfully.

Let’s talk about football.

I take full responsibility for the results of yesterday’s match against Malaysia. Respect them and know that they play very good games and have good players.

It is unacceptable for our ambition to lose that game at home. And I’m sorry for that. And I’m sorry for our fans.

Let me show you how I look at things. how as a coach I try to keep things simple. We have a clear plan and strategy for the game. We wanted to build the game from the back and dominate the game with possession of the ball to create our chances.

And I think that our game is already of quality (Verathep and Thitiphan are central couples who have done well since the game against Suriname), but this game for Malaysia puts a lot of pressure on us. They do it intensely. And causing us to face the problem of creating games the way we want.

We had to lose Chanathip from the first 12 minutes and Sumanya had to be sent on instead (I had 2 options, Sumanya or Chakraphan, but I chose Sumanya because I thought he was playing well .)

At half time, we changed three more players and focused more on drilling in the middle. Because we already have two strikers on the pitch, Supachai and Supanat, we are back in the game and creating a lot of chances. Until finally we can always beat. and lose on penalties!

OK, and now? You want me to give up, give up, or forget other games. We’ve all played well? Just because we lost in the first half? This is football and things like this happen sometimes!

As for Krisda, he is a key player since the ASEAN Cup. Play as a central defender and yes, I know how to play in a great midfield with Chonburi!

I just think we have a good midfield. And I want him to start making games from the back. And I think yesterday he had a good match with Phansa.

This is my opinion as a coach. I love my job and always give 100% to want to win every game! Hope to see you on Sunday!

In this regard, Mano Polking lost the record of managing the Thai national team. Losing the team in ASEAN It is completed before meeting Trinidad and Tobago in the final of the 48th King’s Cup, third place on September 25 at 5:30 pm

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