Very scary! Bum Panadda urges coronavirus patients not to travel for treatment by public transport

The man who drives the sedan has a boxing match for the son of the van.

Reveal the boiling clip! The man driving the sedan has a boxing match for the son of a passenger van. Dissatisfied with driving, cutting his face, punching his father, saying this is not going to end easily. Prepare to meet at the hotel.

Former actor Michael Pupart shot himself to death due to health problems due to congenital disease muscle weakness and depressed. On January 16, there were reports of […]

Bum Panadda urges coronavirus cases to refrain from traveling on public transport not provided for patients They have prepared a team for taking them to the hospital for free!

A group of bad students invaded the Teacher’s Day event, chasing Tree Nut, bringing a black-and-white picture of a flower, Chan flower, and giving it to them. They listened but never paid attention. bad student group organize teacher’s day activities pendant to end the violence […]

Doctor Chang Tossaphon Sritula, a famous fortune teller in Thailand reveals 3 zodiac signs to receive money in a bag Classified as a star in fortune Through the fan page Doctor Chang Tosaphon Sritula


Pol Gen Asawin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok, presented Erawan scholarships to study for free at bachelor’s degrees in 11 famous universities before returning to pack as a teacher in Bangkok

Soft drink prices increase due to increased production costs President of the Thai Wholesale-Retail Association revealed There has been a price adjustment signal since December 64 by the big black soft drink operator Mr. S. […]



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