Very strong! It is 2023 and Mat Peeranee has not finished the play yet. This speech made the trip down.

8 – February – 2023, the fan page on Facebook, One Entertainment, has posted the words of the heroine, Matt Peeranee, saying We make a career as an actor, we are on TV screens. People see it as a drama like life which sometimes really like this person. We hate this person so much. So immerse himself in the news. until I forgot that his tendency How traumatic is a woman

After this post was published There are many netizens who do not proceed to comment, such as

– I must have misunderstood something. People don’t hate because they are in the news. But he hated him because of his behavior. At that time, people saw each other all over the country.
– She was traumatized because she was arrogant, arrogant, speaking disrespectfully to the audience across the country. He tried to go back to the old interview he said. and you will see Why are people generally against it? The last story that happened, the whole country sympathized with her. But if the case is reversed This time, the journey will be full of caramel more than before. Pride is not good for public figures.

Let’s say it’s mild, netizens will be careful not to be sued.

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