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Vespa launches a new mobile game that collects cat characters

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▲ Cattopia: Rush’s representative image (Photo source: Game trailer capture)

Vespa’s North American subsidiary, Super Colony, is making global advance reservations for mobile action RPG Cattopia: Rush.

Cattopia: Rush is an action RPG set in the ruined cat kingdom of Cattopia. It contains the journey of Princess Lena and Prince Leon, the heroine, who was kidnapped by the dark force’Dark Lord’ and the main character, Prince Leon.

It features a character made with a cat motif, a graphic with cuteness, an intuitive operation that moves while turning up, down, left and right with one hand, and the fun of collecting and growing various types of cats.

▲ Cattopia: Rush Trailer (Video source: The game’s official YouTube channel)

Super Colony CEO David Son said, “We have generally verified Cattopia: Rush game performance, stability, balance, etc. through soft launches in more than 20 countries.” We have high expectations for global launch.

Cattopia: Rush pre-booking is held on Google Play in more than 150 countries around the world until June 1st, and jewelry bags are given to all participants.

Meanwhile, Super Colony, a US subsidiary of Vespa, was established in 2019 with the motto of a US core mobile game development studio. Starting with his first work, Cattopia: Rush, he plans to introduce various genres of mobile games.


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