Victim of sexual harassment by Jo Deok-je wins some hand-offs against media outlets…


Actor Cho Deok-je attended a press conference to refute allegations of sexual harassment in November 2017. [사진=연합뉴스 제공]

Based on the allegations of actor Jo Deok-je, who was convicted of sexual harassment, a court decision was made that the media company who reported the false information should pay compensation to the victim, Ban Min-jung.

According to law enforcement officials on the 22nd, the 14th Division of the Civil Agreement of the Seoul Central District Court (Director Judge Kim Byung-cheol) was the plaintiff in a lawsuit for damages filed by Mr. Ban against five media, including SBS Plus, Pandora TV, The Herald, Maeil Newspaper, and Youngnam Ilbo. Some prevailed judgments.

In April 2015, Mr. Cho was convicted in the Supreme Court in September 2018 after being charged with forcible harassment, including touching Mr. Ban’s body without prior agreement during the filming process.

SBS Plus reported four articles containing Jo’s unilateral allegations before the Supreme Court’s final decision on Jo. In response, Mr. Ban filed a lawsuit in July last year, requesting the deletion of the article and alimony, saying the contents are not true.

The judge explained the reason for the judgment, saying, “In a situation where both parties are making conflicting claims on the facts, the former agency representative’s claims were unilaterally introduced. One article is that he unilaterally reported the allegation of the former agency’s representative who contained the position of Mr. Cho. However, for the three articles, it was difficult to say that Mr. Ban’s reputation was damaged, and the alimony to be compensated was determined to be 3 million won.

Earlier, the court decided to recommend reconciliation to these media in October last year. Pandora TV and Herald said that the decision to recommend reconciliation was “written from a one-sided standpoint and acknowledged that false information was included.” In the case of the Maeil Shinmun and the Yeongnam Ilbo, a compulsory adjustment order was issued, but the contents are unknown.

However, SBS Plus refused to mediate the court, and the lawsuit proceeded, and Mr. Ban was ruled in partial victory.

In a counter lawsuit between Mr. Jo and Mr. Ban for damages, Mr. Ban won over Mr. Jo. In May of last year, the 7th exclusive civil affairs of the Seoul Southern District Court (Deputy Judge Lee Young-gwang) decided that Mr. Cho should pay 30 million won for alimony to Mr. Ban.

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