Victoria Beckham gets a Stunning gift from Pal Kourtney Kardashian

Victoria Beckham may not visit the United States as much as she was, but she seems to have an American pen friend.

The former singer received a generous presence from Kourney Kardashian, who launched the new Poosh lifestyle style brand.

The Victoria Department, 44, was the kind gift of its social media and underwent a new venture of reality reality.

Kourtney sent Victoria a lovely gift to celebrate the launch of Poosh. Pic: Instagram / Victoria Beckham

Victoria was seen unpacking the box, including bright white roses.

She said: agam So I have received this gift from Kourtney, a huge box with these wonderful flowers.

‘And inside the box there are lots of nice nice things, monochrome pajamas and an eye patch. # 39;

In the box, the fashion designer was given a pair of pajamas, white roses and a sleeping mask. Pic: Instagram / Victoria Beckham

Read the handwritten note: ‘Victoria !! So I am pleased to launch my new Poosh website and I wanted some of the best things I share with you to help you spend your best life! Love Kourtney. ’

The second video of the inside of the box, Victoria, was enthusiastic: ‘Love the pajamas striped X Kisses’.

Kourtney and Victoria began talking online when the reality star recited the iconic leg of the former singer. Pic: Instagram / Kourtney Kardashian

Although it seemed strange that Kourtney launched Victoria's gift, the two are talking before – online.

Two years ago, Kourtney made a copy of Victoria's famous footprint, which inspired the style icon to respond to her typical attractive fashion.

Victoria replied for a Kourtney dive. Pic: WWD / REX / Shutterstock

Kourtney was seen building on the couch and writing the caption: ‘Victoria, I'll call u later I got back from the football game.

Victoria replied for a fine photograph with Kourtney with one of her own.

Approaching a luxurious red sofa and a pale pink fascia, the designer popstar-turn-fashion recalled her pose by putting her up in the air at a right angle.

Íosa Piece right back at Kourtney Kardashian! Pic: Instagram / Victoria Beckham

With a white towel wrapped around her head and her mobile phone in hand, it seems that Victoria was at Instagram's scroll and falls over Kourtney's funny dive – before taking one of her own.

She described: ‘Back to Kourtney Kardashian! '

Victoria managed to be an online sensation among his fans and celebrities. Pic: Instagram / Victoria Beckham

After her dive to find Victoria has entertained her Instagram fans through the same yoga training to complete in an ugly job set she uploaded to the photo sharing site.

Wearing a stylish sport, Victoria put her foot into the air while still wearing her high heels, as she seemed to be turning out between her hectic schedule normally.

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