“Victoria’s Secret” helps pay compensation for the layoff of workers at Samut Prakan Plant 282 million baht.

“Victoria’s Secret” helps pay compensation for the layoff of workers at Samut Prakan Plant 282 million baht.
Victoria’s Secret Compensation – May 28, AFP reported. Samut Prakan factory workers received layoff compensation from US lingerie company Victoria’s Secret, which agreed to help pay $8.3 million.

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Brilliant Alliance, which manufactures Victoria’s underwear. Secret closed its Samut Prakan plant in March. 2021, after bankruptcy, but 1,250 workers have been abandoned, many of whom have worked at the plant for more than 10 years, but are not compensated under Thai law.

The factory also produces plus-size women’s underwear for other brands from the US as well. but only Victorias The compensation paid through a loan agreement with the factory owner.

Mr. David Welch, Director of Solidarity Center in Thailand said that It was absolutely unprecedented and a new prototype. both in terms of the level of compensation and legal benefits as well as direct participation from the brand

last year Fired workers and union representatives protest outside the Government House in Bangkok demanding wages. He was later charged with criminal offenses including violating the law prohibiting public gatherings in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scott Nova, executive director of the Worker Rights Consortium, an independent worker’s rights monitoring organization in the United States. It said these cases are just the tip of the iceberg and the problem of employers stealing wages in the garment industry has erupted during the coronavirus pandemic. due to the decrease in clothing orders It is estimated that workers in garment factories around the world are owed a total of $500 million, or about 17 billion baht, as a result of factory closures and layoff compensation.


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