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(Video) ‘Chinese policewoman’ who subdued a man with a weapon riot with her bare hands

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[이데일리 정시내 기자] A female police officer in China grabs attention by subduing a man with her bare hands after a violent riot on the street

On the 24th, on Chinese media and portal sites such as Sohu.com, a video of a policewoman taking a knife-wielding weapon with her bare hands was released.

Photo = Sohu.com

According to the Wuchuan County Police Department in Leshan City, Sichuan Province, China, on the evening of the 19th, a man took a knife and tried to attack a young woman on the street in Muchuan County. At this time, a female police officer in plain clothes working nearby found it and immediately took the man’s weapon with his bare hands.

It is known that the policewoman is Sergeant Na Hye-rim, who belongs to the police box in Muchuan County.

Photo = Sohu.com

Sergeant Na told the local media at the time, “As I was walking to Beomseo Bridge on Mokwon-gil, people suddenly started screaming.

He continued, “The woman was in a state of being immobilized by the two men, and the man in a gray top tried to attack the woman with a knife in his hand. said

Sergeant Na identified himself as a police officer and said, “Put down the knife,” and it is said that he took the man’s knife along with the surrounding citizens.

As a result of the police investigation, it was reported that the victim was married to a man named Wimo who was holding a knife, and Wimo wielded a kitchen knife while arguing with his wife. The police arrested the man who committed the riot.


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