(Video) Fair Trade Commission launches sanctions on ‘5G exaggerated advertisements’ by three telecommunication companies

Edaily TV news on the 3rd.

The Fair Trade Commission has completed an investigation into the three telecommunication companies’ allegations of exaggerated advertisements for 5G mobile communication and will begin the sanctions process.

According to the telecommunication industry on the 3rd, the Fair Trade Commission, which has been investigating allegations of false 5G advertisements, sent out a review report stating that the three telecommunication companies violated the Display Advertisement Act and that sanctions such as fines were necessary.

It has been about a year since the investigation began in October last year when a civic group reported that the three telecommunication companies had false and exaggerated advertisements related to 5G speed.

After hearing the opinions of the three telecommunication companies on the review report, the FTC plans to hold a deliberation and finally decide on the level of illegality and sanctions.



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