[Vidéo News] 11th edition Food Festival in Grand Baie La Croisette

Those responsible and organizers of the 11th edition Food Festival in the Grand Baie la Croisette shopping center have nothing to be happy about after the two days of activities.

With menus such as burgers, Ice Tea, grilled chicken, tacos, cookies, puri among others sold at Rs 200.00, the concept attracted GBLC’s loyal clientele but also those who wanted to taste, at a lower price, the specialties street food or well-known restaurants in Rose-Hill, Mahébourg, Port-Louis among others.

If some spent hours placing their orders in front of certain stands, others were able to play with their children or even better dance to the sound of Groupe Anonyme who entertained the evening of September 30, 2023 on the roof top.

The members kept their fans, visitors, tourists but also residents of the Grand Baie la Croisette apartments moving for a little over an hour.

With popular participation which undoubtedly exceeded expectations, the 12th edition is undoubtedly being prepared in the corridors in order to do better and please those who made the trip during the two days.