Video shot of ‘surrender’ of Russian prisoners of war… UN launches investigation into allegations of war crimes in Ukraine

The New York Times (NYT) reported on the 20th (local time) that the United Nations launched an investigation after a video showing suspected war crimes by Ukrainian forces shooting at surrendered Russian prisoners of war was disseminated.

According to reports, a video in which 11 Russian soldiers were shot and killed in a nearby farmhouse while Ukrainian forces recaptured the village of Makivka in Luhansk Oblast from Russian occupation earlier this month went viral online.

The NYT reported that it confirmed that all four videos distributed online were filmed in the same place, and analyzed sequentially by time zone.

The first video shows three or four Ukrainian armed soldiers lying in a field and taking an aim-and-fire stance at Russian soldiers in the distance. A Ukrainian soldier who alternately spoke Russian and Ukrainian was also filmed along with the sound of gunfire.

The second video includes a view of the collapsed farmhouse from the sky, as if filmed with a drone. A Ukrainian soldier was photographed holding a machine gun in a prone shooting position, a soldier standing behind him, and a Ukrainian soldier checking the body of a dead Russian soldier.

In the third video, filming was paused and resumed with the sound of gunfire from the Russians. The New York Times reported that it was difficult to ascertain exactly what had happened at the time filming was stopped, and that six Russian soldiers were lying face down in the resumed video. Two of the six were alive, while the other four were seen being carried away by Ukrainian soldiers.

The fourth and final video shows the moment a Russian soldier opened fire on Ukrainian forces. The intermediate situation was not included as a Ukrainian soldier who was filming the shooting on his mobile phone lost his mobile phone.

Afterward, as a result of collating video footage taken by a second drone, one Russian prisoner of war who opened fire on Ukrainian forces is presumed to have been killed on the spot by Ukrainian forces, the NYT reported.

He added that the 11 Russian soldiers wearing blue and red identification stripes were in a surrender posture and bleeding from their heads and torsos.

Dr Rohini Har, who serves as an adviser to the international human rights group ‘Physicians for Human Rights (PHR)’, said, “Most of the dead appear to have been shot in the head. ” I was to lie down,” he said. He said.

“Killing de facto prisoners of war who are considered non-combatants is a violation of the International Law of Armed Conflict (Geneva Convention) and can be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court,” he added.

Dr said. Iva Vukusic, an expert in war crimes justice at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, “It is difficult to determine whether a war crime is a war crime based on this video alone.

“If the Russians used force against Ukrainian forces and were shot dead then, it would not be a war crime,” he added.

The video is believed to have been filmed from a Ukrainian military mobile phone and from an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) operated by the Ukrainian military. Originally, part of the video was posted on the Ukrainian Telegram on the 12th along with the news of the recapture of Luhansk.

Since then, on the 18th, Rossiya-1, Russian state television, reported that the video was evidence of war crimes committed by the Ukrainian military against the Russian military.

Russian hardliners demanded that the international community should immediately investigate Ukraine’s war crimes, saying that the shooting by Ukrainian forces against unarmed Russian soldiers was a clear war crime.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian authorities are in the position that it is difficult to see it as a war crime because the shooting was done between Ukrainian and Russian forces during a skirmish. Dmitro Rubinets, a human rights commissioner in the Ukrainian parliament, said, “Russian soldiers fired at our soldiers even during the surrender process.”

The United Nations has launched an internal investigation into war crimes in the video. “We are aware of the video and are conducting an internal investigation,” said Marta Urtado, spokeswoman for the United Nations Human Rights Office.

“Allegations of executing unarmed people or people who are not willing to surrender (hors de combat) must be investigated promptly, completely and effectively,” he said.


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