Video shows attack on Pelosi husband

A judge has ordered the release of a video showing the attack on US politician Nancy Pelosi’s husband. He was badly injured.

Almost three months after the attack on the husband of US leader Nancy Pelosi, police released dramatic video footage of the attack on Friday. Police video released by order of a judge shows attacker David DePape and 82-year-old Paul Pelosi at the Pelosi’s San Francisco home. DePape is wearing a sweater and shorts, Pelosi is wearing only a shirt.

The attacker had broken into the Pelosis on October 28th. He was targeting Nancy Pelosi, but she was in Washington at the time of the attack. Shortly after the police officers arrived, he hit her husband Paul with a hammer, causing, among other things, a fractured skull.

Police video shows both men standing next to each other when police officers arrive, both holding the hammer in one hand. A cop says, “What’s up, man?” He then asks the attacker to drop the hammer. Instead, the attacker suddenly hits Paul Pelosi. The police officers rush over and overpower him. Next, Paul Pelosi is seen lying motionless on the ground.

Paul Pelosi was seriously injured in the attack and was hospitalized for a week. According to investigators, the man said after his arrest that he had taken Nancy Pelosi hostage and wanted to talk to her. At a court hearing, he denied the charge of attempted murder.

The attack shortly before the mid-term congressional elections on November 8 had caused shocked reactions. Nancy Pelosi has long been the subject of hostility in right-wing circles. After the election, she gave up leadership of the Democratic members of the House of Representatives after almost 20 years.

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