Vietnam chased Laos 2-0, Malay beat Nim Cambodia in the Suzuki Cup.

Reigning champions Vietnam defeated Lao PDR 2-0 to collect the first three points in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 successfully.

AFF Suzuki Cup 2020, group stage, group B, first match at Chan Stadium, Singapore, Laos PDR play against Vietnam, the former champion

Lao PDR under the supervision of a team of Singaporean coach V Selvalaz. Aim to qualify for the knockout rounds this year. Starting the first match by sending players who play in Thailand, leading by Sukporn Wongchiangkham, Midsada Saitaifa, Phutthasai Kojalen, there is also Billy Ketkaewpromporn. A striker who plays in the French Ligue de France and Boon Prachan Bungong, a promising young striker from the U23 team.

While Park Hung Zaw’s Golden Dao Army, the former champion, decided to rest Nguyen Guang Hai as only a substitute in the offensive game, led by Nguyen Thien Linh and Nguyen Cong Phuong.

The results showed that at the start of the game in the 8th minute, Sukporn Wongchiangkham, a striker of Laos PDR, was immediately given a yellow card for the first time in this game. After hitting on Van Van Duk, it was quite intense in the middle of the field.

In the 27th minute, Vietnam came to the goal to lead 1-0 from the coordinated rhythm of the two players of Hong Anh Ya Lai when Nguyen Phong Hong Xue got the ball to the left in the penalty area. Before slashing the ball to Nguyen Cong Phuong, he fired straight and sent the ball into the goal, leaving nothing behind.

After that, the game clearly belonged to Vietnam. and had the opportunity to bring the ball up to score goals many times, but still could not open the 2nd score before the end of the first half, Vietnam was still leading 1-0 in Laos.

The second half, 55 minutes, Vietnam came to the goal to escape as 2-0 from the moment that Ho Tan Tai opened the ball from the right edge of the curve. enter the penalty area The ball came to the second row and it was Van Van Duc who swooped up and hit the ground alone. Pass the ball into the net

The rest of the time, there is no more score. Before the end of the game, the former champion of Vietnam defeated Lao PDR 2-0, successfully collecting 3 points.

As for the results of the other matches in the same group, Malaysia won 3-1 against Cambodia.



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