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Vietnam mutant virus found… Severe spread in areas where major companies such as Samsung are concentrated

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In July of last year, a road in Da Nang, a famous tourist destination in central Vietnam, was empty due to the corona 19 blockade. [연합뉴스]

In Vietnam, a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), a new mutant virus that mixed British and Indian mutations was discovered, the AP and Reuters reported on the 29th (local time).

According to reports, Vietnam Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long said, “Scientists have found a new mutation as a result of analyzing the genetic makeup of the virus that recently infected patients with Corona 19.” “The laboratory studies have shown that the new mutant virus has a higher spread than other strains,” he added.

Viruses often undergo small genetic changes as they reproduce. Since the corona 19 virus was first detected in China in 2019, new strains have continued to appear. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies four mutant viruses found in the UK, India, Brazil and South Africa as’variants of concern’ and manages them as mutant viruses that are more dangerous than other mutants.

Minister Tan Long said, “The newly discovered virus is spreading rapidly through the air. This mutant virus seems to be the cause of the recent surge in Corona 19 patients in Vietnam.”

Vietnam has been regarded as one of the exemplary countries for quarantine, with remarkable success in blocking Corona 19 through active responses to the early pandemic last year. By the beginning of this month, the cumulative number of corona 19 confirmed cases was just over 3,100 and only 35 deaths.

However, over 3,500 new cases have occurred in recent weeks, and 12 more have died. The mutant virus is spreading rapidly in 30 of Vietnam’s 63 regions.

In particular, concerns are growing as the number of confirmed cases in Bakjang and Bak Ninh provinces in northern Hanoi, where major companies such as Samsung Electronics, Canon, and Luxshare, an assembly partner of Apple, are concentrated. In a company located in Park Jang, one-fifth of 4,800 workers were confirmed.

The Vietnamese government banned all religious events after 85 confirmed cases in a church in Ho Chi Minh City. Although it is reinforcing quarantine by issuing orders to close non-essential businesses such as restaurants, bars, clubs, and spas in major cities, it is having difficulty in breaking the spread.

It is also a concern that the vaccine vaccination rate for Corona 19 has been slow. It was found that only 1 million people were vaccinated due to lack of vaccine, or just over 1% of the total population. However, in the second half of the year, the vaccination rate is expected to increase. The Vietnamese government recently secured 30 million doses of Pfizer vaccine scheduled for delivery in the second half of this year.

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[독자 여러분과 함께 만드는 국제뉴스]

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