View Piyawan Becomes First Transman to Wear Amanda’s Iconic Andaman Dress: A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True: View Piyawan Makes History by Wearing Exclusive Andaman Dress

September 11, 2023

View Piyawan Chuentako, also known as View Transman, has fulfilled a long-cherished aspiration by acquiring the extraordinary evening dress worn by the renowned beauty queen “Amanda” at the Miss Universe 2020 competition. As an influential figure with over 100 TikTok followers, View has undoubtedly created a significant milestone in their career.

In a recent post on social media platform TikTok, View stunned their followers with a captivating picture of themselves donning the exquisite “Andaman Dress.” This elegant evening gown, meticulously crafted by the renowned designer “OAT-COUTURE,” once graced the Miss Universe stage on Amanda. View’s accompanying message, “Dreams do come true,” exuded a sense of euphoria and self-fulfillment. View’s bright countenance truly reflected the remarkable achievement of being the first and only individual to wear this prestigious ensemble, procuring it directly from Amanda herself. This realization further solidifies View’s affiliation with Amanda and the profound impact she has had on their identity.

View’s penchant for beauty pageants has inspired them to immerse themselves in the world of beauty queens, even engaging in behind-the-scenes work with “Petchyindee” in the past. However, this experience has left them yearning for more. View’s desire to transcend societal expectations and limitations motivates them to pursue their own beauty queen aspirations. As View aptly puts it, “We can all embrace any passion, unbounded by gender or societal norms.”

The overwhelming support and belief from their followers and well-wishers have been integral to View’s journey. Their encouragement and opinions have further fueled View’s determination to break barriers and become a trendsetter in their own right.

Congratulations Flood In as View Piyawan Proudly Parades Unique Attire

Subsequent to View Piyawan’s bold fashion statement, an outpouring of congratulations ensued. Many admirers were spellbound by View’s captivating appearance in the Andaman Dress. The consensus resonated with resounding praise, describing View’s ensemble as stunning, mesmerizing, and an absolute perfect ten out of ten.

A dream come true: View Piyawan or View Transman wearing Andaman clothes. Revealed to be the first and only person to wear this outfit after “Amanda”, her favorite beauty queen.

On September 11, 2023, it was reported that it can be said that it is a dream come true for View Piyawan Chuentako or View Transman, the owner of the phrase “Jarit Amanda Nawaddao”, an influencer with more than 100 followers on TikTok. 6 hundred thousand people

Most recently, he posted a picture of himself in an “Andaman Dress” which is an evening dress that “Amanda Obdam” wore on stage at the Miss Universe 2020 competition, with the message stating: “Dreams come true ” this word actually exists today. #CriticalAmanda but he has a bright face. It is truly accomplished to wear the evening dress “Andaman” (“ANDAMAN”) by “OAT-COUTURE,” the dress that Amanda wore on the Missuniverse stage in 2020. View is also the first person and the only person to wear the uniform. This continues from Amanda. The beauty queen that viewers liked so much that she used it as her identity # so that everyone could get to know her.

View likes to watch beauty queens and has done behind the scenes work on beauty queens with “Petchyindee” in the past, but still feels like it’s not enough. You probably have to fulfill yourself by being a beauty queen because the scene sees that..”We can all like anything. It doesn’t have to match your gender or taste another in life.” Thank you to everyone who has supported and believed in View. Everyone is encouraging and opinionated.

Later, many people came to express their congratulations. Because View Piyawan cut her face off wearing this outfit before. Most of them said that Very beautiful, juicy, beautiful like 10 10 10.

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