Vignesh Sivan Expresses Gratitude to Nayanthara for a Heartwarming Surprise on His First Birthday Celebration with His Boys

Vignesh Sivan Embraces First Birthday Celebration

Heartwarming Surprise from Nayanthara

Renowned filmmaker Vignesh Sivan recently delightedly shared snapshots from his joyful birthday celebration, marking a special milestone in his life. Accompanied by his beloved sons, Vignesh expressed his gratitude towards his partner Nayanthara for orchestrating a truly heartwarming surprise.

In an endearing message to his well-wishers, Vignesh warmly penned, “Happy birthday! I am truly grateful to Nayanthara for curating such an affectionate surprise and making this my first birthday celebration with my boys a remarkable one.”

Vignesh Sivan also shared pictures from his birthday celebration. “Happy birthday, my first birthday with my boys, thank you Nayanthara for such a heartwarming surprise,” Vignesh wrote.

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