Vijay Babu | Vijay Babu reportedly flew to Georgia; Police to issue Red Corner Notice

Kochi: Kochi City Police Commissioner CH Nagaraju has said that there is no impediment to the arrest of actor and producer Vijay Babu in the Actress Rape Case. He also said that there is no obstacle to repatriate Vijay Babu to any country.

It is learned that Vijay Babu had entered Georgia from Dubai. Vijay Babu’s passport has been revoked and the police visa has been revoked. Earlier, Vijay Babu had said that he would appear before the passport officer on May 19, but remained in hiding abroad. Vijay Babu informed the passport officer that he was on a business tour and would arrive only on May 24. A subsequent police investigation revealed that Vijaybabu had entered Georgia.

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Commissioner CH Nagaraju said he had contacted the Indian Embassy in Georgia. If Vijay Babu does not appear by Tuesday, a Red Corner notice will be issued. The Red Corner Notice also applies to countries that do not have a contract to extradite offenders. Police have received information that Vijay Babu had entered Georgia where there was no understanding to extradite the accused. The commissioner said that with the cancellation of the passport, all the visas issued in this passport will be canceled.

It is illegal to stay anywhere abroad as your passport has been revoked. The cancellation of the passport should be reported to the embassies of the respective country. This was informed by the Ministry of External Affairs on Friday, said CH Nagaraju. Vijaya Babu will not be able to travel to other countries in case his travel documents are canceled. Vijay Babu’s journey of breaking the law will be difficult. The Commissioner of Police warned Vijaybabu not to take things too seriously.

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Vijay Babu left on the 22nd of last month. Vijay Babu said that he was in Dubai after the accused in the case. Vijay Babu’s anticipatory bail application likely to be heard by high court on Monday.

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