Vijay Devarakonda’s Generosity Shines Amidst Success of ‘Khushi’, Distributor of Previous Film Seeks Assistance

South Indian actor Vijay Devarakonda is experiencing joy and contentment following the success of his latest film, ‘Khushi’. The film has been receiving a positive response from audiences in theaters. In light of the film’s achievements, Vijay Devarakonda has made a generous announcement to donate one lakh rupees to 100 families. This gesture will result in a total distribution of one crore rupees, consisting of Khushi’s profits and the actor’s remuneration.

During an event held in Visakhapatnam to promote Khushi, Vijay shared his plans with attendees. He expressed his happiness and the need to celebrate the film’s success. Vijay revealed that he would be donating one crore rupees from his income derived from Khushi. The actor intends to identify 100 families and provide each of them with one lakh rupees prior to the film’s success meeting, which will occur in 10 days. Vijay firmly believes that sharing his happiness is essential, and he has prepared a form that individuals can access through social media platforms with the hashtag #SpreadingKhushi or #DevaraFamily. He hopes the money will reach people who are struggling to pay rent and school fees.

Vijay Devarakonda shared his announcement on Twitter, stating, “I wanted to share my success and happiness with you. So I decided to share one crore rupees of my Khushi earnings with you. 100 families will receive one lakh rupees each! Apply below. It would make me happy if it really helped someone.” The tweet included a link for individuals to apply for this financial support, and Vijay used the hashtags #SpreadKushi and #DevaraFamily to emphasize his intentions.

Following the actor’s heartfelt announcement, Abhishek Nama, the distributor of Vijay Devarakonda’s previous film ‘World Famous Lover’, reached out to him with a request. Abhishek Nama explained that ‘World Famous Lover’, released in 2020, incurred a loss of approximately eight crore rupees. He requested Vijay’s assistance in compensating for this loss, acknowledging the actor’s generous contributions to the wider community.

‘Khushi’, directed by Siva Nirvana, is a film that was produced by Siva Nirvana, known for movies like ‘Majili’ and ‘Tuck Jagadish’. The film features Samantha as Vijay’s co-star, marking their reunion since the film ‘Mahanadi’. Reports indicate that ‘Khushi’ has already collected a staggering 39.40 crores at the box office, further solidifying its success.

Vijay Devarakonda’s benevolent actions and commitment to sharing his happiness with the less fortunate exemplify his compassionate nature and dedication to making a positive impact in society.

“We lost Rs 8 crore on the distribution of the film World Famous Lover that day. But nobody responded to that.”

South Indian actor Vijay Devarakonda is happy after the success of his new film ‘Khushi’. ‘Khushi’ is getting a good response in theatres. As part of the film’s success, Vijay Devarakonda had announced that he would donate one lakh each to 100 families. The actor said that he would distribute Rs 1 crore of Khushi’s profits and his remuneration to 100 families.

Vijay spoke about this during an event held as part of Khushi’s promotion in Visakhapatnam. “You’re happy and so am I. I have to do something to celebrate. I don’t know if this is right or wrong. But if I don’t, I can’t sleep. I will give Rs 1 crore from my income from Khushi. I will select 100 families and give one lakh to each family before the success meeting of the film which will be held in 10 days. It would be a loss if I didn’t share my happiness with you. I will share a form for this on social media with the caption Speding Khushi or Devara Family. I would be happy if this money went to someone who is struggling to pay rent and school fees.” The application form was also shared by Vijay Devarakonda X.

After Vijay’s announcement, Abhishek Nama, the distributor of Devarakonda’s previous film ‘World Famous Lovery’, has reached out to the actor with a request. Abhishek Nama’s tweet is that the World Famous Lover released in 2020 was a failure and lost around 8 crore rupees and he wants to help make up for the loss.

“We lost Rs 8 crore on the distribution of World Famous Lover. But no one answered. Now that you are so generous and giving Rs 1 crore to common families, we also request you to save our distributors and our families,” Abhishek Nama’s tweet read.

Siva Nirvana, which produced films like ‘Majili’ and ‘Tuck Jagadish’, is responsible for the story, screenplay and direction of Khushi. Samantha came as Vijay’s heroine in the film. Khushi also has the distinction of being Samantha and Vijay Devarakonda’s film after ‘Mahanadi’. According to reports, Khushi has already collected 39.40 crores.

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