Vinayan: The eyes of those around him were filled with tears when they saw Indrans living as one of the downtrodden; Humble

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V‘Nineteenth Century’ (Pathonpathaam Noottandu) is a big budget film directed by Vinayan. Vinayan shares a post introducing the characters in the upcoming movie starring Siju Wilson. Vinayan’s words about the character played by actor Indrans are now getting attention.

Indrans plays a nineteenth-century character named Kelu. Vinayan says that Indrans himself was literally shocked by the performance of this character.
In those old days of caste discrimination he became one of the worm-eaten underdogs
He says that when he saw Indrans alive, he forgot even about the shooting and filled the eyes of the filmmakers around him.

Humble words

Indrans surprised me …..

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Indrans literally shocked me when he portrayed the character of a nineteenth century underprivileged Kelu.

I have known this artist for the last thirty five years .. Indrans played a hilarious comedy role in my first film Kalyana Saugandhikam .. After that I could see Indrans playing the role of Unni Balan, the friend of the character Ramu played by Kalabhavan Mani in Vasanthi, Lashmi and Me. ..

director vinayan face book post about actor indrans

Then I still remember the passion on Indra’s face that asked me if a good character would make a good character for me like the one given only for comedy only .. Indrans with me or not made that dream come true .. reached the pinnacle of acting ..

In the nineteenth century, I was able to collaborate with Indrans, who has acted in fourteen of my fourteen films, such as Kochu Kuttan in Rakshasa Raja, Madhavan in Umappen, Chandran in Meera’s Sadness and Navy Officer in Atbhutadweep.

When Indrans was seen living as one of the worms in those old days of caste discrimination, the eyes of the filmmakers around him were filled with forgetfulness about even the fact that it was a shooting ..

Set on a big canvas on a big budget, this historical film has a life-affirming story and characters that smell of soil .. We have not compromised in that regard … Actors like Indrans helped a lot in that endeavor ..

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