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Violated cycles: 9886 confiscated in 10 months

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Dubai: In the last 10 months, 9886 bicycles were seized by the traffic police in Dubai for violating the law. Authorities said the bicycles were seized during a campaign to endanger the lives of road users following traffic rules and regulations.

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Roads in Deira and Bur Dubai were mostly inspected. The move was aimed at reducing the number of deaths, disabilities and injuries caused by bicycle-related accidents. Bicycles are frequently found on the sidewalks of commercial markets and narrow alleys. Authorities explained that the cyclist has a responsibility to protect the lives of himself and others by obeying traffic rules.

He said the lives of all road users are important as traffic laws and regulations are being enforced to ensure and protect their safety. Al-Masroui urged cyclists to wear helmets and clothing that can be seen from a distance. Special care was taken to clear the way for pedestrians and to stop at red lights.

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