Violation of Ina Yoon’s golf rules, banned from KLPGA tournaments for 3 years

Yuna “I sincerely apologize”

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Hwa-Young Lim = Ina Yoon, who caused a scandal by participating in the 36th DB Group Korean Women’s Open Tournament, apologizes at the reward and punishment sub-committee held at the Korean Women’s Professional Golf Association Secretariat ( KLPGA) in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 20th. .
During the first round of the Korean Women’s Open held on June 16, Yuna played the 15th hole tee shot to the right, judging that the ball was found in the rough.
However, she later found that it was not her ball, and Yuna voluntarily reported this to the Korea Golf Association, which hosted the tournament, on July 15, about a month after the tournament ended. 2022.9.20

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Dongchan Kim = Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) participated in the 36th Korea Women’s Open Group DB on the 20th and participated in all competitions held or held by the KLPGA for 3 years against Yuna (19 ), who caused a scandal.

The KLPGA announced that the reward and punishment sub-committee on Yoon Na was held on the same day and after a disciplinary discussion, the decision was made based on Chapter 3 (Discipline) Article 15 (Standards of Discipline), Paragraph 3 (Suspension business trip) .

This provision applies to unsportsmanlike acts and vulgar acts in various competitions.

As a result, Ena Yoon will not be able to participate in any tournaments (tour, seed match, qualifying event) held or hosted by the KLPGA for the next three years.

The KLPGA Rewards and Punishment Sub-Committee said, “There were extenuating circumstances such as voluntary reporting by Yoon Na, but it was determined that she had committed serious misconduct, such as not reporting the offense for a long period of time after breaking the rules, and continue to participate in the competition after breaking the rules.” We will take decisive action against similar misconduct in the future.”

In June this year, Yuna broke the rules of golf during the first round of the Korean Women’s Open.

The tee shot on the 15th hole was pushed to the right, and the game was played by finding the ball from the rough.

However, after knowing that the ball did not belong to him, he continued to play, breaking the rules of golf. He missed the cut in this competition.

In July, about a month after the tournament ended, Yuna voluntarily reported the game to the Korea Golf Association, which hosted the tournament.

He also issued an apology on July 25 and temporarily suspended his participation in the tournament.

However, even after breaking the rules of golf, she competed in the tournament until an apology was issued, and on July 17, before the apology was issued, she won the Evercollagen Queen Crown on the KLPGA Tour.

Before this controversy, the fans loved Ena Yoon as a ‘next generation star’ with performance and popularity, second in points for Rookie of the Year and first in a long shot.

Ena Yoon appeared at the reward and punishment committee on the same day and said, “I’m sorry. I sincerely apologize.”

The Korea Golf Association, which hosted the Korea Women’s Open, where the rules were broken, held a sports fair committee meeting in August and imposed three-year disciplinary proceedings against Yuna Yoon from participating in the association’s competitions.

If you have any objection to KLPGA disciplinary action on that day, you can request a retrial within 15 days of the date of notification.

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