Viral news of marriage to theater in iffk love story of national award winning director Pampally and surahi | Viral: From Kathirmandapam to Kottaka Cinema – IFFK’s love story

Thiruvananthapuram: A wedding carriage pulled into the courtyard of the Tagore Theatre, the main venue of IFFK. Seeing the newlyweds, those around became angry. Then I got curious. More people. At IFFK, a place of movie stars, the representatives and those who prepared the shots stared at the newlyweds. National award winning director Pampalli and newly married Surabhi walked through the media gathered around.

The newlyweds who arrived at the festival office were received by Ranjith, the Chairman of the Film Academy and other filmmakers. After greetings and a cake cutting ceremony prepared by friends, we went to the theater to watch the film.

When the friendship that began five years ago on one such IFFK Sunday blossomed into love, the bride and groom first came to IFFK as a matter of duty. The organizers have created an opportunity to watch the film together for a long time and have made room for that longing at the fair. Pampalli and Surabhi say it’s fun to once again see the theater verandas and wooden steps, which were filled with serious film discussions and romance during IFFK’s five years.

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In 2018, Sinjar, directed in the language of Pamballali Jasari, won the National Award for Best Debut Director. The film also won several international awards. Pampalli, who was a member of the jury for the National Film Award in 2019, is about to announce his new film soon. Surabhi is an officer in the health department. Pampalli is a native of Kozhikode Pantirangaon. Surabhi’s house is in Kallambalam, Thiruvananthapuram. Surabhi is in civil service training.

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