Viral Photos: Deer covered with large tumors in Minnesota

Viral Photos: Deer covered with large tumors in Minnesota


Some viral steam has been reached by deer in southern southwestern Minnesota in the outside community, after a photographer has photographs of his share, which happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Julie Carrow made photographs of deer covered in cartons or large tears, and the photographs are split almost 8,000 times into a common group called Big Bone Outdoors.

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"I was shooting a senior session in the northern part of Pipestone and this deer was turning around us," Carrow says Me Me the News. "He was grazed as he was going and he wasn't in any trouble and he didn't seem to be malnourished. I didn't see his eyes though."

Carrow says that she had previously seen the same deer during the spring while she was at the Pipestone National Monument, where she could only catch a cellphone image.

She sent the pictures to the Minnesota Natural Resources Department and says that she was contacted by Wildlife Research and Policy Manager Lou Cornicelli. She said to her: "We often don't see cases badly and the pictures are fantastic."

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