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People were shocked while at the red light Looking good Girl on a motorbike. Wear an outfit that makes the whole red light laugh. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a hurry to pump my fingers into the event or not. what will it be

On June 3, 2023, social media users shared some stunning images. It was posted on the Facebook group 爆廢公社二館, an online community in Taiwan. which has more than 9.5 hundred thousand followers, revealing a strange incident at a red light on the intersection in the middle of the road When a girl sitting on a motorcycle looks strange, it seems that she is still that “unfinished dress”

From the images that have been published, it shows that The incident happened on Minsheng East Road in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei. Wears a white helmet with a large red bow attached to the back. The part of her body not wearing a dress or even underwear She was only wearing one towel. that doesn’t look very neat

Of course, the sight became impressive and caught the attention of the people in the surroundings. The photo was taken by a road user parked in the background. before posting to share Along with writing a caption to tease and say jokingly “On the way to take a bath”

After a while, the post became popular. Over 4,000 Likes Overnight plus many views At the same time, other road users also met this young woman. Participated in posting pictures to confirm that She was wearing only a towel and sitting on top of the real motorbike.

Most of the comments from netizens said that jokingly

“Where are you going in such a hurry? I haven’t finished dressing yet.”

“I doubt that older men will be in a hurry. Get her out of the bathroom just like that.”

“Or girls will dress too long. So it can’t wait.”

“Condition… when you take a shower. Then the fans hurried to get out.

“or the water isn’t flowing Are you going to take another bath?”

“Another question is Why do helmets have bows? lol”

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