Virat Kohli should stay away for three months, that’s good: Ravi Shastri | Shastri, Kohli

Muscat: Former India coach Ravi Shastri has said that Virat Kohli, who has stepped down as captain of the Indian cricket team, should stay away from active cricket for 2–3 months. Shastri said Kohli should continue to be a dedicated player for the team, adding that he will be able to play at full level for at least another five years. Shastri believes that a break from cricket will help Kohli make a strong comeback.

In a conversation with Pakistan cricketer Shuaib Akhtar for his YouTube channel, Shastri said that Kohli should take a break.

‘Now Kohli is under a lot of pressure. Everyone is waiting for opportunities. No human is perfect. We have seen even the greatest players in cricket step down as captain to focus on batting. Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar are MSc. Dhoni is one of them. He played 94 Tests. He could still play 10–15 Tests. But it did not stop there, ‘said Shastri.

Kohli may be realizing the fact that he is ’33 years old. Koli will be able to stay active for at least another five years. Kohli can excel by calmly focusing on batting and thinking only about one game at a time. It is also advisable to take a break from cricket for 2–3 months at a time. It would be useful to stay out of a series altogether, ”said Shastri.

‘Come back after the break and play like a king for 3–4 years. Kohli can clear his mind, identify exactly what his responsibility is and move on. That’s what I expect from Kohli now. Come on the field and give India victory with your best performances. It will also be one of the best memories he can have left on the field, ”said Shastri.

Shastri said Kohli’s decision to resign as captain of the Test team came as a shock, despite his resignation as captain in the limited overs format.

‘Continuing life in the biosecure bubble is tiring. Coli may also be affected by fatigue. Leading the team in all three formats is not easy in such a situation. It will be impossible to stay out of the game. ‘

‘I would say Kohli’s decision to step down as captain of the ODI and Twenty20 team was a good one. But I was surprised by Kohli’s decision to resign as Test captain. Because India have been the number one team under Kohli for five years. I wondered if I should resign in the wake of a series defeat. ‘

‘But I like to support that person’s decision in this matter. Because we do not know what is on his mind. Perhaps his body had told him this was enough. Kohli has achieved the maximum he can as captain. Winning 40 out of 68 Tests is no small feat ‘- Shastri explained.

English Summary: Virat Kohli can take 2-3 month’s break, it will do him a world of good: Ravi Shastri



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